OT, maybe: Closed Captioning for Paramount+

We recently gave in, signed up into Paramount+ to mainly catch up to the Yellowstone prequel shows, 1883, 1923. Using Xfinity’s App, a lot of loading time, slow to respond, and worse, no way I could find, to turn on Closed Captioning. So then, I tried the 'Smart" TV, a 65" LG C1 jobber… So I signed into my LG account, had it install, and Activate its own Paramount+ App, that I had hoped would work better. I did find in its Settings where to turn on Captioning, however, to test it, I tried a trailer, but I am still not getting the captioning.

There must be a secret, somewhere, in normal TV or DVR’d shows, Xfinity turns it on or off fine, but the Paramount+ App seems resistant… Most dialog is fine, but a could actors seem to mumble too much, hence the need for captioning.

Has anyone made it happen?

Thx - Weco

Nope, never tried to. You got me curious, though, so I googled it. There might be some things to try here:

Good luck.

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Thanks for trying, we’d tried what they show in that link let night, became more frustrated, and gave up, so that’s when I went to the actual Paramont+ App for the Smart TV, but it’s settings turn me back to the system’s settings, in our case the LG TV, but that didn’t help… So it’s not Xfinity’s setting, but it seems a gap between Paramount+ and the LG TV…

Still looking, still trying… Normally it’s the British TV shows where we turn in on, odd words, accents can be help if seen in print…

Apparently the Paramount+ App was the fix! I had set it to closed captioning, watched a trailer, did not see CC at all, but tonight when we went back to 1883, using the LG’s Paramount+ App, it was perfect, CC worked, but I notice there are none in ads, and likely trailers… This is their $50/year plan, so we have to put up with ad breaks, but that’s OK… We’ll finish up 1883, go on to 1923, see if there’s enough to stick around… Else it can be cancelled… Success!

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I use CC 100% of the time. There are rarely - but occasionally - captions on ads. Likewise, some trailers have them, some do not.

I’m watching via Comcast cable-card; TiVo, and “cable channels” as well as streaming Netflix, Curiosity Stream, Apple, Peacock, etc They’re all the same, and I have one antenna TV in a spare room and while I don’t see it as often it seems to be pretty much the same.

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We are sort of ‘around the corner’ from the SF Bay Area TV stations, ~40-50 miles away and ~100 miles from the Sacramento stations, so rabbit ears or even the old antenna up in the attic are pretty useless. So CATV, Xfinity is our TV linkage, as well as internet connection, other than Verizon’s cell service. In the trailer, with it’s antenna up, and the digital adapter does pick up nice clear images for a few over the air stations, well used to, not sure they even transmit any more… Only other adapters are an older and a newer AppleTV brick, sometimes their shows are interesting… But the Xfinity DVR box’s Apps seem slow, now proven that the LG TV’s own Apps are quicker to respond, and eventually I could get the CC turned on… Both TVs have internet cables besides their HDMI link, so they shouldn’t have been timing out, spinning in the midst of a show, that went away, using the LG app… And CC was enabled in its settings… Just have to be stubborn enough to make stuff work!!

No Netflix of our own, Granddaughter set it up on their account, but I think it timed out, after they left for home in WV…Peacock, HBO. SHO. are part of the toll we pay Xfinity… A phone line if I wanted, we hang onto our at&t landline, but really should dump it…

If you are high in elevation you may be surprised about digital TV signals. If you are line of site to the broadcasts antennas give it a try. There are lots places on the net to see exact station locations and orientations to your house.

I have had Netflix occasionally. But really just refuse to pay their fees. We have Amazon Prime that churns in a lot of new movies every month. Caught Sabrina last night – something we had never seen before. We also have both BritBox and Acorn – like PBS type programing and lot of that comes from BBC.

Although everybody wants to be Smart TV, I refuse any dongles or boxes except an AppleTV. One interface is enough for my ancient brain.

I think we’re about the same time slot, I just rolled over to 81 last October, surprising, actually, but managing.

Our 65" LG Smart TV was the payment for my addition of crown molding to nearly every room in the home we’ve been in since 1974, a couple bedrooms I’d done earlier, but now the rect of the house was in need. So a bit of ladder time, a new finish nailer came in to replace 2 old ones that failed, but it meant a lot of shop time, too, had all the tools to miter, back cut, etc. So then our older Samsung TV was looking kinda fuzzy after we’d spotted the LG OLED TVs at Costco, sharper, brighter, better colors, blacks, and then a new matching subwoofer & Soundbar, also LG’s to go with. Didn’t want to do a wall mount and tear up the new paint job, (We had the whole interior painted once I had the crown molding up.), so I found a swivel mount for the TV, screwed it solidly to the stand, recalled it all with new HDMI cables, had my BIL come over help me lift the 65" jobber in place. I was willing to go with a 77" set, but DW thought it overwhelmed the stand a bit, so I lost that one… Still a great set, I still find it amazing that it is as thin as my iPhone, and that they can make them this are, flawlessly. The electrons is a real small lump on the rear, pretty awesome tech. They were on sale, Costco, delivery to any room, maybe a few dollars, well worth it…

My “Cave” TV is a smaller, 43" LG, also Smart, but a bit older, it also replaced a Samsung that fried itself…

So, no dongles… Well, AppleTV blocks, not used much now that NewsRoom is over, it/they can do a lot of the same Apps as the Smart TVs, with additional access to the Photos on my Mac Pro, so some nice travel slide shows sometimes…

There is a 32" TV in the trailer, but no CATV there, only the RV’s antenna which has an amp built in, plus the digital adapter… Factory cable from the antenna was done wring, they missed bonding the shield all the way, one bad splice fitting, so it wasn’t doing well without that Amp working, no power! Fixed, all better. Mostly as emergency housing for family if they need to evacuate in fire seasons… Twice now I think. But we do wander to the coast ince a year but never bother with TV…

We do Prime as well, pretty handy, many great shows… We do Amazon a lot anyway, so no additional fees…

So far so good!

Happy New Year!!