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find someone who wants to hear it.

Judging from the ‘likes’, there are quite a few people who heard and agreed that your repeated ‘bossing around’ of the complaints thread over a period of days isn’t helpful or welcome.

If you want to see who they are, or how many, there’s a site feature, underneath each post, the little ‘thumbs up’ and number.

I am going to block Lux. I do not need to constant moaning.

That’s a great idea! Let’s take it further. If you simply block everyone who you see ‘complain’ or ‘moan’, instead of lecturing them all on what they ‘need’ to do to satisfy you, over and over - then these boards will be a happier place both for you and them.

And isn’t that much easier than you having to tell literally everyone how to behave in a way that fits your personal tastes?

Or better yet - just block threads you don’t enjoy straight away, rather than spamming them over and over with ‘this doesn’t need to exist! stop talking about this! I don’t want YOU talking about THIS because I don’t like it! You all need to be quiet and enjoy what I enjoy!’.

What a hopelessly narcissistic way to behave!

Please note that regardless of whether you block me, I’ll be reporting any posts you make that I think are persistently bullying / controlling / unkind / unhelpful towards others, and letting the mods figure it out.

It really ain’t normal to keep rejoining the Customer Support queue, over and over, just to moan about the existence of the Customer Support queue. If anything, it’s tragic.


I agree with the sentiment, Rayvt, but remember

a) the best way to win any argument is while standing on the moral high ground, not in the gutter

b) there are many lovely Karens in the world who don’t deserve that their name has been turned into an popular insult because of the bad ones.

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a) the best way to win any argument is while standing on the moral high ground, not in the gutter

Sound advice … when you are making an argument. But telling someone to “cool your jets” isn’t making an argument.

b) there are many lovely Karens in the world who don’t deserve that their name has been turned into an popular insult because of the bad ones.

Too true. But yet here we are.

True happening: My wife is into crafting and is always buying doo-dads and scarves & fabric & etc. to use in her crafting projects. (Right now she in into gnomes, and out house looks like a gnome convention.) Recently we were in a store and she saw a pretty multicolored bandana. She picked it up and held it out–and said “I love the colors but I can’t get it or use in in any crafts.” The you-know-whos have co-opted the rainbow colors and normal people can’t have a rainbow bandana without it looking like support for that group.

So, yeah, unfortunate for those normal people whose name is Karen. And for normal
people who just like bright multi-colored bandanas.

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@leap1: Good grief, if you wanted to trigger my CPTSD from a lifetime of being raised by a pair of narcissists, that was a pretty effective way to do it. I’ll be having flashbacks all day.

I believe you’ll find she can get it and can use it, but chooses not to.

I don’t know whether that is because of her feelings about particular people, or whether it’s about how she thinks she’ll be treated by her social group.

If it’s the latter, I encourage her not to let herself be bullied or cowed by hateful bigots, and I’d encourage her to express her love for ‘just a rainbow’ colours as much as she wants.

For example: I recently saw a rainy-day weather formation outside, that clearly was not making any deliberate effort to affiliate with any social movements, progressive or otherwise, despite its apparent taste in colour and pattern.

“You know whos”?

Surely not… Voldemort? :open_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face: :mage:

Is there any reason you can’t name the type of people you are so subtly referring to?

Are you perhaps worried they’ll… get you? change you somehow if you even speak their name?

The modern age must feel quite scary for those that believe something like that.

Generally speaking, why would it be a problem to accidentally support a socially progressive cause, that you actually don’t really care about one way or the other? Freedom to love is a good thing, generally, right, even if you’re not into the specifics of it?

If you’re worried about how others perceive you - here’s a tip:

If you are wearing rainbow colours and improbably someone ever cares enough about that to say to you

‘hey that’s cool! gay pride?’

but you don’t want to identify with such an appallingly love-and-acceptance oriented movement… and are so shocked that you don’t know what to say… you (or wife) can just reply e.g.

‘thanks man! but this particular one is just a rainbow for the sake of rainbows, they’re beautiful aren’t they?’

I would think nobody is going to have hurt feelings from that, or any need to take the conversation further.

Anyway - here’s something to consider.

If you knew how little anyone else thinks about you when you’re out in public (or how little anyone thinks about anyone who isn’t themselves, generally), you would probably be surprised. You’re not a main character in the story of most people’s lives.

The whole ‘pride’ movement - as I understand it - is about freedom to live your life happy and not having to hide what you love in secret, because you’re worried about how others perceive it and will treat you.

Right now, it sounds like your wife is hiding her love for the colours of rainbows, because she’s fearful for how that love will be perceived by other people.

Don’t keep your love for rainbows in the closet!

Enjoy it in the open and to hell with anyone who makes fun of you for being who you are and loving what you love - whether that’s rainbow colours in craftwork, or other human beings.


A good place to post questions and comments on the new boards is the category New Site Help and Feedback.


I would say the same about Red Hats, wouldn’t you? These kinds of inadvertent associations happen all the time. How would you like to have owned the Ayds Diet Company in the 80’s? Beaver College in PA had to change its name. It didn’t help that it was a women’s college. Oh well.

Can’t say I’ve seen them playing the victimhood card about it tho. I have a friend named Karen. Nice lady.

“Kevin”, as a meme name as a hapless hopeless human has caught on, not to the extent of “Karen, but it’s on the way. I know a guy named “Kevin.” He’s definitely Kevin.


Something I forgot to call out on the first pass:


Sometime in the future, you’re going to figure out those Voldemorts of your imagination are also normal people just like you, and you’re going to feel pretty ashamed of what you just said.

They want to get on with their lives and not get beaten up and bullied or maligned or mistreated, simply because of who they fall in love with, or who they feel they are.

The reason some people do things like pride marches & rainbow clothing is to assert their right to exist, to love who they love, without getting constantly made to suffer for it by nosy people who pay far too much attention to other people’s lives, or simply like to bully and ‘other’ people.

Imagine if people bullied the hell out of you, beat you up throughout your life, mocked & demeaned you constantly, treated you as an other & outsider from society - just because you were in love with your current wife who loves rainbow bandanas.

Imagine if people spoke about you obliquely as a ‘you know what’, as though you were some kind of freak, simply for loving your wife. Spoke of themselves as ‘normal people’ but you & your wife as ‘something else’, ‘not normal’.

Wouldn’t that suck?


p.s. To anyone reading: I’m not in the LGBT+ community, but I have a lot of sympathy for their situations. If I’ve misrepresented anything about LGBT+ stuff here accidentally, please speak up and let me know.


For everyone that misses the old boards I thought I would update them for you.



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I don’t think that colors are coopt-able. It didn’t even cross my mind that rainbow colors were identified with one group or another when I selected my avatar (which, after seeing it this morning, my wife questioned my sanity).