OT: Next Big Thing


Key aspects of the aging of human cells can be reversed by new compounds. In a laboratory study of endothelial cells, researchers tested compounds designed to target mitochondria. The number of senescent cells (older cells that have deteriorated and stopped dividing) was reduced by up to 50 percent.

I have been seeing these things come across my radar for ten years now. At first it was fringe people, then some Israeli doctors, then a couple of doctors using some approved drugs for off label uses. (Anti-Aging)

When I start seeing reports that start to look like they are actually accepted in the main stream, and I see people start to make money quietly, not with multi-level marketing hipe, I know we are getting close.

I bring this up, not because it is investable. Rather because when it hits it will be difficult to grasp.

I know when Yahoo IPO’d I thought, “They give away a service for free? And they make money?” It did not compute.

When the cloud first started. “No one will give up that much control.”

How much more difficult will it be to think, “I can live another 50 years, and feel good and look good doing it.” This will be a big hurdle for investing in this technology.

But so far, the progress is real, incremental and measurable.