This will move your hearts!!!

This gives an idea of what we do here, and why it’s worth all the aggravation. I have literally hundreds of wonderful appreciation emails telling me how the board has changed peoples’ lives for the better. This one I just received though is so moving that I have to share it. I’ve removed the names for the writer’s privacy:

Hi Saul,

This is OT. A letter of praise and appreciation for helping save my daughter.

In 2020, I found this board and jumped in. At about the same time, my 14 month-old daughter was struck down by an “incurable” ultra-rare, neurodegenerative disease. To give you an idea, within 3 weeks she regressed from walking and talking, to being unable to sit or roll over.

We desperately searched for hope and found that in modern genetic research. We identified a path to a drug treatment through Drug Repurposing and a path to a cure through a gene therapy known as AAV9 - Gene Addition. Each pathway comes at great expense and zero assistance from Government.

Fortunately, I had already found this board and had accessed the knowledge shared by yourself and this dedicated and determined community. With your help, unbeknownst to you, we had a lifeline: a chance to save our daughter.

On June 30, 2021, (Australia’s EOFY) we marched into the laboratory with $474k and initiated Our Mission: to cure SPG56. That money is 100% attributable to Saul’s Discussion Board.

I want to say thank you, scream praise. And also share that next month, in a dish, they will be trialling the cure on our daughters diseased cells. In just 11 months we will have advanced a dream into a saul-otion. We are well on the way to ridding the world of this insidious disease, not just for our daughter, but for all children like her.

Thank you, Saul. Your efforts and dedication have far reaching effects, greater than you imagine.

Full respect.
xxx and yyy
Happy for you to share. And would you consider meeting a small Aussie family on a 30 sec zoom, just long enough for my daughter to sign thank you, and my wife and I to give you a huge virtual hug?


Amazing. This is what it is about Saul and times like this… when sentiment is so negative and growth stocks are so hated is when lives can truly be changed… much like during the COVID fear


You couldn’t find a better use of stock market gains than saving a baby’s life and potentially finding a cure to a degenerative disease. If you wanted to give this family some more joy, show them the stock prices of their previous SaaS holdings, they have changed plenty since June 2021. Nevertheless the pain we feel on the stock market is irrelevant next to health struggles, especially in your own family. Best of luck to this family and their doctors


Since you all seemed to gain something from the last appreciation I posted, here’s another from a younger person with a different way of looking at the current decline.

Email - Hi Saul, I was introduced to this board back in 2014 by Brian (bulwnkl) as I was finishing up college and interning as a chemical engineer under him and have been lurking ever since. At the time we were investing in things like SHOP/LGIH/GILD/SKX.

I am 29 years old, and this is the first extended downturn I’ve been a part of and I couldn’t be happier. I did ‘luck out’ having moved some money out to cash to purchase a home at the start of the year. My income also spiked earlier this year after making a transition to software development that has allowed me to be buying up lots (for me) of shares with each paycheck as we’ve moved down.

Both of my parents are broke, retired state workers scraping by pension check to pension check. If it wasn’t for this board sparking such an interest in the topic for me, I could potentially be destined for the same future. Instead, I’m on track for an early retirement and a comfortable life for my family and I.

I have seen so many negative comments here lately and just wanted to reiterate that there are many folks out there who’s lives have been changed. There are also us younger people who benefit heavily from downturns as we are now looking at massive upside potential as we continue investing new money. While I don’t have anything nearly as moving as this Aussie individual, I want you to know changing lives is not a one-off story. Thanks for all you do. ZZZ



Thanks for passing that along. Through the frustration with this brutal market, it’s great to see some people maintaining perspective. And always nice to hear from people we’ve helped along the way. I am looking forward to the days when we hear people talking about how much they benefited from sticking out the market.

I, too, greatly appreciate your tutelage and investment in the community. It’s allowed me to retire early and better manage my health. This board has added years to my life :slightly_smiling_face:


Bulwnkl (Brian)