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Google Bone Remodeling.

Bone is a living tissue, with Ca being constantly removed from and added back to bone, in order to maintain blood Ca Levels, in addition to remodeling bone in response to stresses on the bone.

And, of course, some Ca comes from the diet.

Bone Remodeling is extremely dynamic, occurring constantly, every second, all day long.
There are several hormones that influence Bone Remodeling: PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) Calcitonin, testosterone, estrogen, Growth Hormone, etc. It’s really a web of hormones.

Vitamins support effective functioning of the hormones.



Yes indeed Ralph. Bone metabolism is a hugely complex topic…which is why, I guess we had to spend so long studying it in dental school. That also makes it interesting…which is why I’ve invested so much time keeping up on the topic since.

Bone is a surprisingly metabolically active organ and a highly “plastic” one too (one reason why orthodontia is possible). As you correctly point out, the human skeleton provides a reservoir of calcium and is responsive to even minor short term changes in serum calcium levels. This is one of its more important short term functions in keeping a body alive.

This is the query I’m raising with the supposed properties of this one vitamin… K-2. To be able to override the checks and balances and feedback mechanisms that maintain calcium homeostasis…and to do it easily and effectively with an OTC supplement…strikes me as being of limited survival value.

Here’s a quick and easy experiment that demonstrates this (one that we did in physiology practical back in Days of Yore) Forced hyperventilation for 30 seconds or so will bring on early symptoms of tetany due to hypocalcaemia. Respiratory alkalosis if you want to Goggle the cellular mechanism. Can constitute a medical emergency but is a good demo of how finely tuned and the complex mechanism behind keeping the calcium level where it should be. Don’t know exactly how low serum calcium drops in a temporary experiment like this (you rebreath into a paper bag to reverse it quickly) but the point of the experiment was in the rapid response to the drop in calcium.

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I spoke with my parents tonight. It turns out dad is concerned he will have disc problems not bone problems. Mom has bone problems. Dad is stating clearly men do not have bone problems with aging. But he is stating men fall more with age and if you fall you can break bones. That is different.

As far as the crazy promises…there is nothing there as I am saying. The only thing that MIGHT happen taking K2 MK7 for women with Osteo or Pina spelling? it might slow things. There will be no evidence of that either way because slowing it can not be proven. Does not matter what the stats are we can never prove on the individual level. It is a less expensive way to buy a little insurance. And it might work better than other drugs with side effects.

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I guess a lot of older men think like your dad … that men don’t get osteoporosis. He’s wrong. It’s commonly perceived as a woman’s disease which I suspect might lead to worse outcomes for men (if you believe it doesn’t happen, you’re less likely to be proactive with prevention) Don’t fall for that notion yourself.

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At what age do men get osteoporosis?

While the disease is more common in women, men are also at risk for osteoporosis. The misconception that osteoporosis is a “women’s disease” likely stems from the fact that women are at risk a little earlier in life, typically beginning in their 50s, right around menopause. Yet men over age 70 are equally at risk.Nov 7, 2014

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The thing about a lot of these very prevalent but somewhat preventable diseases is that the the initial departure from healthy homeostasis happens…and can be detected…waaaay before they became established . The same is true of ASCVD … and periodontal disease come to that. One reason this is the case is that too many folk believe the wrong things … which can then translate into a belief that their personal risk is low.

For instance next month is American Heart Month (together with National Chils Dental Health month) First Friday being dedicated to womens heart health…the Go Red campaign. It’s commonly believed that this is just designed to raise awareness of the atypical ways that coronary artery diseases particularly can present but it’s also designed to educate folk (and not just the lay public) that ASCVD is not just a man’s disease.

Likewise osteoporosis can affect men…and the origins begin long before the catch up period in the senior years makes it evident. The “senior years” for bone health begins in the 30s!! This is when osteoblast and osteoclast activity start to even out and by the 40s bone loss has usually begun. What an individual is doing during their teens and 20s probably has as big an impact on maximum bone mass and subsequent bone density in their 60s and beyond as all the pills and potions available after a diagnosis.

FWIW, my future proofing in this regard…as well as continuing with the running, jumping weight work (most of which are contraindicated once osteoporosis has bitten)…is to discipline myself to consume a bit more high quality protein in my diet. Shooting for a goal of 100-120 gms daily. Something else that’s an underappreciated need for the Chronologically Enriched.

Heres my motivation…

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Careful with the protein.

If you start to show a lower eGFR into renal disease you will need to cut your protein. People who are not diabetic showing kidney disease can up their eGFR by lowering protein intake.

Vitamin K-2 does a lot more than simply facilitating calcium getting into the bones, and as an extension, preventing it from getting into arterial plaque. It’s also critical to enabling bone metabolism to use this calcium via activating osteocalcin, an enzyme that has to participate. And the results don’t take all that long. Back when I had discovered the research underlying the critical importance of vitamin K-2 and added it to my supplements, the DEXA scan I had about 10 months later showed a very significant decrease in mild osteoporosis and in osteopenia. When my doc called me with the DEXA results I expressed my delight. She said nothing to be excited about, that it was simply arthritic changes that gave the good impression. So I told her that I wasn’t experiencing arthritic changes, and I told her about K-2 that I’d been taking for 10 months. She was extremely interested and asked me to send her the research I’d found. I did. And that changed her recommendations to patients for bone health. A D-calcium supplement was one of the several that she had on hand for patients. And after she learned about K-2, she changed to a product combining D-calcium-K-2.

Sorry I hadn’t replied yet. And there’s more to say, but I haven’t had the time to do it yet. Will as soon as I can!




I am by no means an expert here on this topic. I do know it is a low priced insurance policy for old age.

My friend recommending it also saw his wife’s osteopenia disappear.

The arrival date for the sneakers is Saturday. I look forward to slipping them on. Hopefully they fit. I have never bought shoes online. There was a word or two by a reviewer that they are a bit hard for a few days. One reviewer stated with heavy wear hard for less than two hours, he was playing basketball. His hot feet set the material.

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We are in a deep freeze, the arrival date has come and gone. Disappointed.

The USPS? Rain snow…nothing stops us? That is great what stopped you? You guys even took two days more than expected when you said Saturday.

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They Liberties arrived this afternoon. Put them on and thought these are hard. Then I tried them out. I went grocery shopping for the week. Our Stop and Shop has a hard concrete floor. I walked it for almost about forty minutes.

It felt like walking on air. The sense of a hard shoe disappeared.

I could see HIIT training on a treadmill with these. The shock is very minor. Much less risk to the joints and ligaments. Been in them all afternoon into the evening my legs feel as if I had one of the best days in a decade. I almost have to do HIIT.

Just to my sensibilities the style, color and shape etc are excellent. Better than any NB or Nikes…etc…These shoes are excellent.

Skateboarders drag the side of their shoes on all sorts of hardened surfaces. That is what these shoes are made to stand up to for a while. I have no idea how long these shoes will last for someone not putting them under strain but a lot longer than my sneakers in the past.

Also for flatfooted people the shoe box had an extra pair of insoles. The insoles in the shoes upon arrival were for the high arches I have.

There was no shipping charge. The cost was $76 and tax. I guess there are few expectations of selling expensive sneakers to skateboarders. These are underpriced by far.


@Leap1 …How’re the shoes panning out? If they work for you, I’d suggest getting a second pair sooner rather than later. It’s my experience over the decades that athletic shoe manufacturers can’t leave a good design alone (“good” meaning good for me). Most folk with any running tendencies will attest that finding the right shoe involves a lot of trial and error and closets full of barely worn shoes. When you find the right one, it’s not uncommon for the model to be discontinued in favour of a new and improved design…sometimes barely a year later … and your former fave has been revamped out of all recognition.

I discovered Altra wide toe box, zero drop design a few years ago when the company was about the only one marketing these. Loved my first pair from the get-go…came to replace them within a few months and the upgrade didn’t work for me half so well. Ended up wearing that first pair long past their usefulness.

Photos of that first pair. Obviously I don’t wear them any longer but I keep them just so I can demonstrate to folk that the change isn’t my imagination.


This company is different. Their audience is different. The skateboards among themselves are a different breed. It wont be messed with.

I doubt you would run in these. But you could. The wear factor is much less than store bought shoes. The trend factor is not there either. The company does discuss if you buy a regular pair of insoles after two months they are beginning to break down. These wont.

It is not that simple. The insoles to the look are solid but they need a day off here and there. Just like skateboarders take days off. Remember the insoles are liquid that only look and feel like a solid.

That is one more reason the company included an extra set of insoles. The second set of insoles is not the same cool material. It is just the day off insole so to speak so the good insoles can rest.

Unless if I heat up the second set they do the same thing? I am not there yet to know one way or the other.

All I can say is this is a very unique experience.

These skateboarding sneakers are a lot tougher than what you are showing us in the pics.

That’s one perspective, I guess.

A good idea for a couple of phrases for the back of a running shirt, mind.

“Looks old … but there ain’t a running shoe tuff enuff for these fleet feet”

“These shoes might look wimpy…but they’re ahead of yours

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Vitamin K2 interacts with two proteins, osteocalcin and matrix GLA. K2 modifies osteocalcin to a form that integrates calcium into bone tissue. K2 activates matrix GLA which inhibits calcification in soft tissue like blood vessels. In short, vitamin K2 is involved in the process that regulates calcium balance between bone and soft tissue. K2 deficiency tends to reduce calcium in bones and increase calcium in blood vessels. Both are obviously bad. Should say though that if you have an adequate level of K2 it is not clear that supplementing that to above normal levels have any benefit.

A useful peer-reviewed resource with info on dietary sources of K2:

IMO, always best to get vitamins from diet if possible. Beef liver, some cheeses, and fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, Kim Chee, etc) are good sources.

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Those are sources but so minor it is problematic. Only Natto is a healthy source quantity wise.

Thanks for the article. I forwarded it within my family.