OT (slightly): MT Floods

Severe floods have battered Yellowstone NP and caused the shutdown of the Park. The damage seems most severe in the areas around the Northern (Gardiner) and North-East (Silver Gate) entrances.

Anecdotes on the impact to local businesses


Last time I was in Yellowstone NP, there was some ongoing road work, so the top loop was incomplete.
My own visits to the National Park have always use the Gardiner entrance and exited the South entrance.
My visits have been prior to the busy Summer season. I have no idea what this Summer will be like when some portion of the NP might reopen.

Mentioned near the end of article - flood impacts to Glacier NP.

Grabbed a different link

At least Glacier NP is still open currently.

Those are both beautiful National Parks to visit and enjoy - hope the parks and surrounding towns recover quickly.

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An update

Yellowstone NP’s South loop reopened today with entry via the other entrances - West, East & South entrances. The park implemented an alternate license plate systems (License plates ending with even digits enter on even days, license plates ending in odd digits enter on odd days)

Normally, more than 10,000 cars enter the park. Today, fewer than 5000. But, its a start.

Unlike the gloom-and-doom in the OP, somewhat more positive developments
The park’s north loop is also expected to reopen within the next two weeks, after clean-up, repair and inspection efforts are completed, the park said in a news release earlier this week.


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