OT something that changes the face of being disabled in a wheelchair

This is really shocking. It is not a major incident but the reveal is huge to the public.

These couple of guys have more fame than they will ever want.


I saw that elsewhere on social media earlier. It is enraging. There is only one appropriate punishment for such evil deeds … 1000 or 2000 hours of community service somewhere that helps disabled people. Yes, I really think a full year of this kind of community service full time would be just the thing.


What he did was very immature. It is enraging. Something tells me on several levels he and his two friends regret this from top to bottom. Mostly regretting it as a little child regrets things when the parent walks in the room. At their age that is a huge embarrassment.

I am not for that strict a punishment even if it is enraging. The punishment should not satisfy me. The punishment should only be enough to make the three of them feel involved in their own change as human beings. The punishment should not degrade them as human beings. Isn’t that what their actions did to her chair? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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Exactly what I described above. Helping disabled people isn’t degrading, it is the opposite (if such a thing exists).

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My point is if the three of them do a year or some very long extended period of care each of them gives up some of their future in college. 1000 hours of work is beyond the reach of most people in a given year while working full time plus.

Also regardless of how enraging the act was it was not a major act.

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Due to the way the [social] media world works today, they’ll need to “lay low” for at least a year anyway. Probably 50 million, maybe more, have seen the video and their names already. Their future is already affected!


The attention span of social media users…

What were you saying?

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