OT -- Terror at the White House

Interesting “Freedom of Information Act” disclosure on the more than two dozen incidents where the President’s two German sheperd dogs bit the Secret Service agents protecting him. In one incident, visitors to the White House had to be cleared out for 20 minutes while the large volume of spilled blood was cleaned up.

{{ Mr. Guglielmi gave no details about how “operational tactics” had to be adjusted while Commander was at the mansion, but in an email, one agent counseled colleagues about what to do if attacked. “Standing tall and yelling his name and ‘stop’ is your best bet to not get bit,” the agent wrote after an episode at Camp David. “Once I yelled at him and faced him, he turned around and started sniffing a bush (a.k.a. respecting me as the alpha I am).” }}



Sounds like secret service may not been needed; just take the dogs