OT: the citizenship thing

Posted a cautionary piece a while back about getting your papers in order to prove your citizenship.

“ripped from today’s headlines”, a guy who had been born in Canada, with one US citizen parent. Lived and worked in the US for decades, paid into Social Security. Voted.

When it came time to collect the SS he had paid for, in early 2020? Denied. SS said he couldn’t prove he was a citizen.

The laffer is the quote in the article from an immigration attorney the guy has hired “it’s unclear how Klass got so far without his citizenship being questioned.” I can tell you how. The US wasn’t nearly as nutty as it is now.


The piece in the OP mentions clawbacks by SS. I may need to amend “Plan Steve to save SS”.

Run SS and Medicare the way for-profit insurance companies operate: all smiles when you buy the policy. all smiles when you pay your premium, year after year. Then, the moment you file a big claim, treat you like a criminal.

Amended “Plan Steve”: minimal documentation required to register with SS, and pay the taxes for your entire working life. Then extreme citizenship documentation requirements to collect the benefits you paid for. And make the documentation requirements retroactive, so people who have been collecting for years/decades are required to provide the documentation, or else be required to pay back every penny of “fraudulent” SS benefits and claims paid by Medicare.

They might be able to take away enough from Proles, to cover the cost of giving the “JCs” another big tax cut.

Here is a piece about the clawbacks that are already occurring.