OT: Why I Invest..

Hey everyone,

I’ve been pretty inactive lately. We recently closed on our house back in our home state of Florida. We made this move to spend more time with our parents, let them spend time with their grandkids, and be close enough to help out as they begin having health issues.

Unfortunately, those health issues have started sooner than we had expected. My mother in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

This is challenging news, but we’re so thankful to be in a place (thanks to TMF and this board) where we can make the decision to be closer to our parents which required taking an income cut of ~25% - 30% because I switched jobs.

Sure, I’ll make less money in my career, but it’s a trade-off that is 100000% worth it to spend more time with my wife, kids, and our family.

Thank you all for your time and dedication on this board, but this has been a much needed reminder to me. Hug your loved ones. Spend time with them. Make sure your investing supports the priorities you want in life, rather than take you away from those priorities because you spend too much time obsessing over the PERFECT allocation and/or the 24/7 flow of noise coming from the news cycle.


Much needed perspective.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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I did the same thing five years ago – took a 50% pay cut to leave Chicago and move back home to Iowa. Not one single regret.

Carpe diem!