UPST Thoughts

Two more days and this trend will bring us to my $119 target.

I have been curious about trading volume. We haven’t puked yet. 5.7 million shares is somewhat higher than the relatively slow volumes of the last 10 days. This is actually worse, constant drip, drip, drip. Psychologically. Just for reference, on November 10, UPST dropped from about $313 to $256 on 14.4 millions shares. December 12 volume was 10.6 million going from just 177-172. This was a bear/bull contest, it appears. December 10, the price dropped 178-161 on 7 million, and 12/14 blessed us with $151 to $145 on 8.4 million shares.

I’m looking for a high volume day with a drop and a reversal. Maybe hoping for it.

A side note, we have “filled the gap” (as I understand the concept) created in August from the 10th to 13th when it went from $135 to $200. After hours, UPST is $135.84. We have returned to the price growth trend prior to August.

What price points do you have, Dreamer? I am thinking $127 and $119 but do not have limit orders in at this time.



Nothing scientific……I bought at $135 as my first target and typically set lower limit orders about 10% less, so about $123.

My globe average buy today was about $53 so I am looking at 48 as next level. Not a chart expert, but I at least glance at charts to get a sense of likelihood of support and ranges that are realistic.

DOCN in about 72, so eying mid-60s as next target.

This is a win win, provided those targets are actually solid bottoms. Blindfolded dart throwing may yield equivalent accuracy.