PLEASE keep the old site up read only

The datahelper search tool and even google with the site: option will break, and millions of brilliant investing data points and research reports would be lost.


I’ll second this request. I’ve got in the habit of hitting the “Reply Later” button as a way to keep track of particularly insightful posts to revisit. I continue to slowly work that queue down.

While I have niggles with the board’s user interface, they pale in comparison to how valuable the community and the content are.

Keeping an old system alive is often a thankless task borne by a frustrated team (I know as a software developer who’s worked on such systems). They’re daily reminded of the costs and burdens of the system whereas the very real benefits are usually diffuse and hard to quantify. I hope TMF is taking tendency this into account.

  • Sanjay (long time MF subscriber who habitually visits the boards before any other part of the site)