Poll: McAfee Subscription Expired

How many times do you receive an email telling you that your McAfee subscription is expired or about to be expired? Do you suspect these emails originate in Russia, Nigeria or a kid somewhere in California?

Oh, by the way, I have never had McAfee on my PC.

  • I receive at least one spam email per day.
  • I receive at least two spam emails per day.
  • I receive at least three spam emails per day.
  • I receive at least four spam emails per day.
  • I got some spam in my pants.

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I had to pick the last choice since I never get McAfee spam.


You wonder if harrasing prospects with spam brings in sales.

Spam is very inexpensive but how can you succeed with this kind of marketing bungle?

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The spam doesn’t come from the manufacturer. It comes from scammers who want to rip you off.

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It’s a scam, not spam!!

I’m one of the Fools that chose 2 emails/day. I have set up email filters so the McAfee emails go straight to trash.

Some of the emails are quite comical, like the one I got that was in a foreign language that doesn’t use the alphabet.

Since noon today (about nine and a half hours) my phishing spam list Subjects:

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About half were put in the SPAM folder by Yahoo, the rest come to my Inbox and I marked as Spam.