Spam is out of control

When I started my email this morning, there were 75 emails in my Junk folder in less than 24 hours. Most of it was from one or two domains ending in “.org”. Anything short of changing my email address that would reduce the volume.

I don’t think you have any options short of two (or more) email addresses.

A few years ago, about the time a similar SPAM situation ended I read the Microsoft had taken down a major SPAMer. Want to say the SPAMer was in Russia, but maybe not.

I also have gone from essentially zero to almost 100 pieces of SPAM in the last 20 days. My wife still have zero. Back in the 90s when I thought 10 or 20 was an outrageous number.

Today I just clean the box morning and evening. Since I went to bed last night, I have accumulated 65. Yesterday my total was over 100.


Yes, I’ve been dealing with the same thing lately. I’m not up to 100 a day but am getting a whole bunch of them.

I’m kind of concerned that some kind of virus has gotten into my computer since these emails seem to be related to some of the web sites that I have been to. But, how they know my email address, I don’t know.

And, I do not want to change my email address. Fortunately, I use a mail filtering program (MailWasher Pro) that prevents any of this spam from getting onto my computer.

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Years ago I opted for a few extra e-mail addresses. One I use for ordering stuff, donations, politics and any social sites, another for friends and family, drs etc… and a 3rd for private communications most of my spam goes to the 1st one (altho I do get a few on the others but a lot less.

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When I started my email this morning, there were 75 emails in my Junk folder in less than 24 hours. Most of it was from one or two domains ending in “.org”. Anything short of changing my email address that would reduce the volume.

For my primary (desktop & tablet) email, I am on one of the major domains, my email is only 6 chars long, and I’ve had it for ages and I use it for most everything. After the overnight flurry, there are only 4 things in my spam folder currently. I do have another gmail account that I use pretty much exclusively with my phone where I see a lot less spam.


Most mail programs offer a means to block emails from specific websites. Poke around in the settings for your program.



After a recent hack, they were sending all my emails to trash. I learned that Yahoo mail ( has a filter that can be set to redirect mail. Hackers set it to use my email address but using spam sender addresses should work.

We use Office’s Outlook, so I filter out, using Rules, specific bothersome emailers, but in general, if they aren’t in my Contacts, they are sent to the Deleted folder, a quick scan for an occasional new contact, then Empty that and the Spam folders, clear… Otherwise, yes, 50+ daily spammers go down the drain…

An old RBOC account we no longer use is the main culprit, accessed via Yahoo, I clear it out at least weekly… Gradually have corrected addresses on connections we want to keep, but some old contacts still pop up there from time to time… DW doesn’t bother looking so I also clear hers out as well… If I could recall the old AOL account, there are likely thousand of emails there, but I’ve no access that far back… Wasted bits n bytes…


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I have seen nothing like that. My email goes through Yahoo, though the domain is not Yahoo’s. All my email management is done using the web interface at

Over the course of the day I check the Spam folder, marking the occasion real mail as Not Spam. Any spam that shows up in the Inbox is always marked as Spam to train the system. Recently I started doing one other thing related to a certain type of spam. Spam that is, at least on the surface, attempting to persuade me, or warn me, or alarm me… in the Spam folder open the message, click on the next to the Not Spam button, and select the Block Senders option. I really don’t know if that matters, as I don’t see any numbers for how many messages were blocked. I just dug into the Yahoo Settings - the blocked list is buried pretty well - and found that my blocked list has 146 entries. Below are the first several. If your spam is that style maybe you can see if your email allows you to add blocks.

Tuni the people who send SPAM can create any email address they wish in the “From” second of headers or your email software. This is a well know issue called “Spoofing”


Understood we all need to be continuously vigilant - no one is exempt


…and this morning, just a few. Do the spammers take days off? Or did someone get shut down?

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It could also be that your spam detector learned some new tricks. Any spam detector that isn’t constantly learning is essentially useless in short order.

I use gmail, yahoo, and hotmail/outlook/live/basically microsoft regularly. And gmail, by far, has the best, and quickest adapting, spam detector. After that is Yahoo. And Microsoft is similar to Yahoo. But gmail is FAR better than either one.

The only spam detection that I’m aware of that is being used is whatever is built into outlook and as far as I know, all of that spam ends up in a Junk folder. Unless my ISP is also doing some filtering before it ends up in my inbox? Whatever the reason, it’s much better yesterday and this morning, at least temporarily.

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Single digits Sunday, 47 yesterday and 82 already today.

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