Pope showing strong management of wayward clerics

{{ Almost as soon as Pope Francis became the head of the Roman Catholic church in 2013, Raymond Burke, an American cardinal, emerged as his leading critic from within the church, becoming a de facto antipope for frustrated traditionalists who believed Francis was diluting doctrine.

Francis frequently demoted and stripped the American cleric of influence, but this month, the pope apparently finally had enough, according to one high-ranking Vatican official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Francis told a meeting of high-ranking Vatican officials that he intended to throw the cardinal out of his Vatican-subsidized apartment and deprive him of his salary as a retired cardinal. }}

{{ A favorite of Benedict XVI, Cardinal Burke, who was previously best known for denying communion to John Kerry during the politician’s 2004 presidential campaign, has clashed with Francis repeatedly, even in choice of vestments. Unlike Francis, who preferred more modest priests, Cardinal Burke occasionally wore a long train of watered silk, velvet gloves and extravagant brocades that once prompted Vatican officials to ask him to “tone it down a bit.” }}

I think that was after John Stewart’s Daily Show ran a video clip of Cardinal Burke in full regalia being carried down the street by four priests in a sedan chair like Cleopatra.



The cardinal would have been fired from most other jobs.

If the cardinal was the hateful ways of the church he should pray to another god.

I missed this, and as a practicing catholic (an insanely but weirdly accurate description of me), I am very pleased.

How weird everything is becoming, or is it just my old age?

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Nope, not just age, sheet is weird - just check your prior post.


Raymond Burke was / is one bad dude. As cardinal over the St. Louis archdiocese, he allowed priests with known records of sexual abuse of minors to go undisclosed to public officials after they left the priesthood and were holding other positions in the community involving routine contact with children. And he DID this after being appointed head of the archdiocese after his predecessor Justin Rigali had been chased out of the position for the exact same thing.

Burke holds ZERO moral authority on any issue. He was brought INTO the Vatican by Benedict, partly to get him out of the public controversies in the US over the pattern of collective inaction of bishops regarding systemic sexual abuse by priests. The legal hangover from those failures are still bankrupting diocese and are in large part responsible for dwindling attendance and church closures.



Burke, speaking on Wednesday from Wisconsin, said he hadn’t heard anything about the matter from Francis or the Vatican.

“People can draw their own conclusions about why the Holy Father told this to Austen Ivereigh and not the person concerned,” Burke said.

The cardinal said he wouldn’t leave Rome even if he had to find other lodgings. “It’s my duty as a cardinal to remain in Rome,” he said.


Then what is he doing in Wisconsin?



Good question.

Burke, 75, has strong ties to Wisconsin. He was born in Richland Center, and served as bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse for nine years beginning in 1995. He founded the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse and continues to serve as the president of the board of directors there.


Definitely your old age. They keep moving the houseplants.

They do, they do! Well, at least it’s merely Them and not those damn AI guided MICE…

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