Popular Disney popcorn



Got a kick out of this news item, apparently from a Disney blog (I linked the update as well, which I think has all new photos, didn’t compare each one). I’ve never heard of this creature, but there’s a thing called Figment which is part of an Epcot attraction. He is used as a bucket for popcorn here, which sells for $25 (with popcorn, of course).

I read in another article that some resellers may have been requesting some in line to buy some for them and were offering up to $100 if they did it. Not sure if that specifically is true, but obviously there were arbitrageurs out there in line, I’m sure.

I get confused at times at what events are on-park and off, but I believe this to be something literally on Disney World grounds…i.e., you pay for the privilege (via entrance fees) to stand in line and get this collectible (which as a shareholder is satisfying). One thing I wonder: could DIS have upped the original price once it saw interest, or would that be illegal? Seems a shame to keep a $25 price if demand was as exorbitant as it was (seriously, that is a long line) and if resellers are going to be moving them on online shops. Imagine if on the spot the company said $35 was the price? I don’t know too if this is just for this one day…do they keep selling this thing, or is it limited? I have to presume the latter (I don’t think the article said, unless I missed it).

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