Portable computer for online video

What are my options for a low priced portable computer to be used ONLY for online video streaming and email? A laptop is one option, but they tend to be costly. How about a Chrome Book or something like that? Or there might be something else that I have no idea even exists, since I’m “old and in the way” and not up on new technology!
Thanks for any suggestions.


I would look at several different tablets, they will all do both of those things. We have iPad minis, but androids are cheaper and will do the same thing, perhaps more slowly.


I use an Amazon Fire 10" tablet. Abt $150. Does not have all the features of a laptop but does video and email very well. Big screen is great.

Thanks for the tablet ideas guys. I’ll check out that option.
Is 3 GB memory really enough for video streaming? My desktop with 8 GB doesn’t seem like enough! Although of course I’m running other stuff which uses up memory.

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It will be plenty for streaming and most other things. I second the recommendation of the Amazon Fire 10" tablet. Amazon and QVC happen to both be selling it for about $95 for the “with lock screen ads” version, which I think is not that intrusive. This is a 2023 model, and has good specs. See



And this for an explanation of what “lock screen ads” entails:


I’d buy it from Amazon to take advantage of their no hassle return policy.

EDIT: I just noticed that the “without lock screen ads” version is only $15 more, and I’d probably get that!

EDIT #2: And for better specs and more flexibility, as well as a full Android OS, there’s the $170 “SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A9+ Tablet 11”. That’s another good choice if you have a little more money to spend.

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