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I’ve subscribed to the local newspaper for years and recently cancelled due to delivery problems. The former delivery person had the paper there by 4:00 am. I could read the paper while having breakfast and then take off for a Tee time at 6:00 am. We play early to avoid the heat. Anyway I still have the e-edition of the newspaper and have been struggling with my iPhone trying to learn how to read the newspaper on the tiny screen. I’m getting better at it but if you make the least little mistake you have to start over again and your constantly resizing the screen. I have an old iPad but for some reason it won’t support the Chronicle app. Must be a really old iPad. Anyway I thought with Amazon Prime Days coming up this Tuesday and Wednesday maybe I could pick up a cheap reader.

Any suggestions on a cheapy reader from Amazon in the $100-$200 price range? Something that will make reading the newspaper a little easier than reading it on an iPhone.



I would start by checking the Chronical app for the minimum system requirements, especially the version of ios required. It may be that you just need to load updates to your current iPad. If your current iPad will not support the required version you might consider a used iPad that will, they can be had on eBay in the price range you desire.
We have numerous ‘older’ iPads and Kindles and to me the iPads are the much better device but it is a personal choice.


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I use an Amazon Fire 10. List is about $149. Works by wifi. Works fine for most needs. Some apps not available. The more memory the better.

There is also an Amazon Fire 7. Smaller screen works ok. Mine had less memory. So I upgraded.

Check with the newspaper you want to read. Most will have their paper available on the web - but screen size is really an issue. My local paper has an iOS app, but not one for an Amazon Kindle. Another item to check is will both the newspaper and your reader support font enlargement.