Portfolio Update 5/15

Portfolio Update 5/16/19 as of 5:30AM.

It’s been a month since I posted my April portfolio update found here; https://discussion.fool.com/portfolio-update-41519-34182301.aspx…

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over the past few months. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

My portfolio monies are all in tax free accounts; Roth IRA, HSA, ESA. Thus I do not worry about tax consequences of my trading actions.

Current Portfolio as of 5/15/19.  
Change since 4/15/19  +1.6%.  
2019 YTD +32.0%.

Stock		Current	      % of Port	               % Change             Market	
		Portfolio %	on 4/15	        in port since 4/15	     Cap

CASH		 45.8		46.9 	           -1.1						
NTNX		  4.5		10.4		   -5.9	                      7.0B			      
TWLO		 15.1		14.4		   +0.7	                     17.0B				
AYX		 10.2		 9.9		   +0.3			      5.5B
ZS		 15.1		13.9		   +1.2		   	      8.7B
CLNE		  1.5		 0.8		   +0.7			      603M
NVTA		    0		 3.7		   -3.7	          	      1.7B
MDB		  6.4              0		   +6.4			      7.6B
TTD		  1.2		   0		   +1.2			      9.2B			

New positions since last portfolio update: MDB, TTD

Exited positions since last update: NVTA

Trades between 4/15-5/15

Bought 	        	MDB			4/29				 138.98
			NVTA			4/29				  24.53
			CLNE                	5/8				   3.17
			TTD		  	5/9				 183.78,186.93
			TTD              	5/13				  174.81, 174.45

Sold   			NTNX			4/23				   42.91
			NTNX			5/9				   36.37
			TTD			5/10				  194.00
			TTD			5/14				  179.50
			NVTA			5/14, 5/15			   18.59

Thoughts on trades and companies for the month.

I finally bought back into MDB after getting out earlier in the year. Missed out on the big run up. Usually I am slow to sell out of a stock, but this was the exception and it turned out to be the wrong call. One of the most followed stocks on the board. Seems to be an excellent company.

Also started another position in TTD. I have been in and out of TTD over the past year. I traded some rather large positions this month for nice one day gains. My portfolio currently has a small amount, I am not sure if I will be keeping a position in the long run. I just do not love the company as much as many on this board.

Slowly been reducing my NTNX position. I am greatly torn on this one as I feel it is going to come back and reward the patient shareholder. However I felt my large position was too great a risk, so I have been reducing. I currently plan on holding my current allocation of 4.5%

I bought a little more CLNE before earnings announcements. Earnings were ho hum, not great not terrible. As I have mentioned in past, this is a story stock. I have owned and traded in and out of this company for many years. I most likely will keep a low allocation until I see some sales growth.

NVTA earnings brought up some flags as mentioned on the boards. My conviction in the overall market right now is low which is obvious by my cash holdings. This was the stock with the lowest confidence level and I wanted to reestablish a position in MDB.

My overall portfolio consists of seven stocks currently. I am trying to keep it between 6-9 of what I consider my best stock ideas. Two of the seven are rather small positions (less than 2%), two are medium (between 2-7%) and three are larger (above 10%).

It was around this time last year that I decided after years of following Saul and others on this board to adopt a more growth type investing approach with limiting the number of stock in my portfolio. Additionally this “new” style of investing for me includes quicker buy/sells which some would classify as trading.

Over the last two decades I have found that my investment style has changed and is continuing to change. This board has greatly influenced my investment decision making for the better and I thank everyone for it. I have taken a more defensive position with cash the last few months. This decision definitely anchors potential portfolio growth.

I do believe there is an opportunity cost to holding cash as many on the boards have brought up in the past, so I continue to include it instead of just reporting my stock holdings. If one was to look at portfolio % by just money in stocks ZS and TWLO would both be over 25% of my portfolio. My large cash position allows me to feel very comfortable with these allocations.

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.