Post Clean Up Advice


First kudos and thanks for your (and the boards) sharing of your investment philosophy and your guidance on how to evaluation companies for consideration of investment.

After monitoring, analyzing, and evaluation of my existing “buy everything approach”, I switched gears and spent 3 months reducing my 140+ stock portfolio down to less than 40 (with a final goal of 30).

So I now have a decent amount of money to reallocate. I don’t wish to get into the forbidden “what should I buy” query, I could use some guidance on which stocks may not have much runway left.

I’ve got decent amounts of (just above double digit) of the two biggies (SWKS and SKX). I have no issue pumping those up more (or some of the other board stocks I picked up in smaller chunks), but I’m interested in the boards choices for “choices for deploying money now” recommendations/confidence levels.

I’m aware that the fundamentals still look strong on most/all of the stocks we discuss here, but a couple of the newbies (SEDG, BANC, PAYC) are starting off in the wrong direction (down 10%-15%), so I’m doubting my ability to grasp the intangibles (management guidance, etc).

Any words of advice?

As always, THANKS!



Any words of advice?

Bob, I can’t advise you as I know nothing about your finances, income age, responsibilities, etc. However you might look at some of my positions (which I just posted) and see if any fit your investing needs.