pot stocks

…been some very interesting movers recently…
cgc, tlry cron…perhaps worth a look!


Marijuana companies are a sector. One company might have the requirements to be a growth stock on this board, but I’m not aware of any.

I consider these stocks speculation - not much different than crypto currencies and potentially as risky. Their valuations aren’t supported by any fundamentals, just market over-exuberance, and I suspect there will be a shakeup and a crash.


Pretty speculative right now. That said I bought CRC and TLRY back when they were breaking out on strong volume base on liquour companies starting to invest (even though TLRY is medical MJ). TLRY up 193% from 36.13 buy on 8/20. Every day now I keep telling myslef to sell a little, to not be greedy and dumb, but it won’t let me. It is a tiny spec position, but fun. The bitcoin of the stock market right now. My favorite day was when Andrew Left came out with a short call and it went up 14%.

I would advise no one to buy it now. Cra-cra.


This website is informative, it ranks the top revenue producing cannabis stocks that generate sales of more than $2.5m per quarter and provides Y/Y growth :


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