OT: "420 Friendly"

As I have ended up invested in the Cannabis industry and it has proven quite profitable I am thinking of opening a board to discuss the investments that might be made. The stocks are typically not suitable for this board due to the high political risk and small market cap.

However I need to write the FAQs and/or purpose of the board. If I just write what I am thinking it will come off as gruff, or worse.

The board needs to discuss these items:

Companies and their financials, just like here.
Political risk
Environmental risk, to some extent as some companies grow outside.
Tax problems, especially for U.S. Citizens invested in Canadian companies.
Stock Exchange problems as many of these companies, even if they are listed in the U.S. now, may have to be de-listed and listed only in Canada.

As some of these items and Cannabis itself can lead to a lot emotional outbursts; I want to have a fairly strict posting policy.

Something like:

  1. If it ain’t data driven it gets FA’d, and the plural Anecdote is not data.
  2. Drive link dropping gets FA’d. I would rather have your discussion without references than references without discussion.
  3. The board is NOT interested in what should happen, only in what we as individuals might do.

If anyone can help me pretty those up, it would be appreciated.



I think you said it pretty well. We are looking at invest-able businesses, not stories, and we are data driven.

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Qazu -
Good luck. Even though I hold tiny bits of two marijuana related companies, I can’t see myself investing much time in following a board and studying the industry, at least not at his juncture. IMO there are no “investments” in pot stocks, only speculation. May as well start a board on cryptocurrencies (if someone else hasn’t done so already).

Oh BTW, I just read that the Kremlin is thinking about creating a crypto-Ruble to make it easy to get around sanctions and launder ill-gotten gains. Of course, that’s not exactly the way the news was reported out of Moscow.

There is a crypto currency board. I am sure it would be more active than the 420 board.

Like wow man, have you ever seen a hyperactive stoner? Dude?


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Well for those who are interested, tonight on CNBC at 10EST is the Profit on weed country.
FWIW had myself today a huge “paper profit” but do realize that it can all go up in smoke.

Don’t think most r ready for a pot board…but will play for the time being.

Back to reality.

There is a board for this though not very active… maybe they are all just watching TV and eating pizza…



We shall not dwell on my hippie, rock 'n roll musician days in the past. In my 20s I used to make a living making paraphernalia from pyrex tubing. That was a long time ago.

I live in Washington State where recreational pot has been legal since 2012 (I think). Before then, the cops pretty much looked the other way except for major grow operations and big time dealers.

There is a TMF public board for discussing bitcoin and other crypto currency although personally I find it not particularly helpful from an investment perspective. Probably because it doesn’t seem like a real investment, more pure speculation. You’ve been warned.

For those who are interested



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Don’t allow any political discussion on the board, other than that affecting the industry. And no NARCS allowed

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