Potential UPS Strike on August 1

Will UPS drivers have to face the US government along with management?
And how unbiased will the federal government be when corporate campaign contributions overwhelm labor’s contributions.

On Wednesday, the Teamsters said the company failed to come to the table with an acceptable offer. Workers have authorized a strike to begin August 1 should no deal be reached.

Pay is still a major issue for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which is pressing UPS to meet its demands for a new five-year collective bargaining agreement. It wants higher wages for the carrier’s part-time workers, among other benefits.

Over the past year, the administration has intervened in the dispute between West Coast Ports and the Dockworkers Union, and tapped Congress to settle differences between railroad companies and a dozen unions backing railway conductors. It is also monitoring talks between the auto companies and the United Auto Workers.

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Meanwhile, I don’t have anything on eBay that is too big for the Post Office to handle.