Cancer Meds, Altered State . . . I'll Be Bock

You know I love Motley Fool. But I dont’ feel like I can add much right now as I am so weak and well - in a marshmello occassionally altered state with Patsy Cline in the background singing “Crazy.”

So, while in this elongated altered state, instead of trying to add here with commentary, links, charts, etc., I’m going out into the wilds to find a new social media which might interest me - and by extension - you too.

I’ve got my eye on two, and I won’t go into which ones they are until I’ve lurked enough, rooted around, tried out things, even join, just to see if they are fertile ground for finding all the good people who’ve recently quit Twitter.

Anyway, some really good things are happening here, but I cannot put it in words yet. I just sent my last coherent message to a friend from here through a DM on Twitter moments ago. When I hit send, the drugs really kicked in…

Hoo-Boy, here we go. I am sitting in a marshmello, looking out, trying to take this fishing net to pull in some of these slippery words evading me at this moment.

You folks stay cool, be civil, and please, this is not my board, I just squat here. Then some other people showed up. Have at it. See you around. If I read a post and give it a rec, that means I probably read it 3 times before understanding it. Reading like I’m in kindergarten again. Like that speed. Ha!


Best to you @PeregrineTrader. I sincerely hope that you get better soon! :heart:



Enjoy your marshmellow excursion. But hope you get well and return to solid ground soon.

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Thank both of you for the kind thoughts.

Paying it back, showing you to never give up the fight.

Rod Serling saw the evil in 1968. It’s still with us and festering at school boards being taken over by Kens and Karens across America.

I’ll keep going 'til I stop dead in my trax.