O.k., I peeked. In the opening minute of trade, my chart shows 72,000,000 shares of QQQ traded. At around $4,500 each. Do the math. That you, Saul? :slight_smile: That’s serious billions.
Guess not.


not sure what you are looking at. QQQ routinely trades about 40mm shares a day and is priced around $100 share now.

The opening minute always has volume spikes but QQQ’s first minute today was 1.28mm shares. With recent volatility that is more than average though.

Even block trades executed in dark pools usually aren’t that much, though they tend to not show up in real time on most charts as they can report them late


Not sure what I was looking at either… No, actually I do know. It was the NASDAQ volume and the index number. Just shows my mental state at the time. Seems typical that there is huge volume at the open and another large volume at the close. Someone else can figure out what, if anything, that means.
I made it the through weekend. Just sat through the last sunset (average one) with a glass of wine (also average). Did get in two swims and one walk. Wow! lots of posts while I went into retreat mode. Haven’t yet looked at my portfolio carnage. Four hours until the market opens.



Open volume I think is large player trying to position for the day. Close volume is the same ones who want to go home flat, but even more so transactions by large mutual and pension funds. Just part of the flow during a day. Not too much to read into. Any midday spikes are usually news or market maker delta hedging on large option trades that get opened.

Sunset and wine sounds better than market turmoil anyway. Cheers!