Question re: Saul's "SaaS" stocks

hi Saul and others:

Getting to the point: an advice for someone starting out with these stocks? In other words, if one wants to begin a portfolio with these “SaaS” stocks, which one(s) are best to buy right now? Much like TMF’s “Best Buy Now” feature.

I appreciate all the wisdom and polite commentary on this board. Thanks!

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Hi Gordon,

Welcome to the board. You should however familiarize yourself with the rules of the board. They are posted every Monday.

Your question is OT. Also, you can’t really expect people to give advice on which stocks you should invest in.

However, if you follow the discussions here you will pretty fast get an idea of which stocks board members find interesting and why. You can use these ideas as a starting point for making your own investment decisions.

Please, no more comments on this thread.

Thank you for your co-operation

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