Quick KRED channel check

For those interested in Kona Red’s product on shelves.

I just stopped by a local Ralph’s supermarket (San Diego area) and after MUCH searching, found the Kona Red Coffeeberry drink. I bought one (we’re welcome, all fellow shareholders).

(energy drink == Monster, RockStar, 5hr energy, etc.)
(sports drink == Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc.)


  1. I really had to hunt to find this.
  • Partly the store’s fault (multiple energy drink locations)
  • Partly due to there are only 2 “columns” of product on the shelf.
  1. I could not find the coconut nor green tea products.
  2. I drank some. I’m not a fan.
  • I don’t drink energy drinks, so that doesn’t concern me.
  • The drink is quite sweet, and tastes comparable to me to
  1. I have a bit of a headache now.
  • I don’t ingest caffeine with any regularity, but often when I do I get the resultant headache (but I took one for the team anyway.)
  1. My wife’s reaction.
  • (me) Do you like it? (her) Yes! (truthful.)
  • (me) Really? (her) No! GAAAGGG! The aftertaste is like vomit!

My wife also doesn’t drink energy drinks, but does take in caffeine.

As a result, though I know neither of us are the target audience, I’m mulling over what to do with my small investment in the stock.

FrickNFool (feeling a slight caffeine headache/buzz)