Ramit Sethi

Has anyone come across Ramit Sethi’s work? I found it via his podcast, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” I have found several of the episodes to be interesting and illustrate various aspects of the Living part of LBYM. I checked out his website today and found it to be painfully sales-y, but I guess that’s how he makes his living. It seems to me that the information is good, just marketed in a way that drives me up a wall. I’m vaguely tempted to buy his book – has anyone read it?

ThyPeace, this could also go on the CCCD board; he does a lot with debt repayment too.

Personally I think his advice “Live Your Rich Life” is somewhat dangerous. He encourages “Millionaires Next Door” to start spending $400/night for an NYC hotel room and eating $16 bagels there.

Yeah, I get it that he’s not saying to do this all the time. But I honestly think his encouragement to spend jumps the shark.


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I subscribed to his daily Email for a while. There were a few useful nuggets, but fewer than you’ll pick up on the handful of “good” boards I follow. He’d be OK for someone who needs to be cheered on by someone encouraging him (or her) to do the things necessary to do well financially. Most people I know don’t benefit from that, but I know that some people do.