Subtle Signs of Wealth

Ramit Sethi the “I will teach you to be rich” guy in his recent blog shared some subtle signs that someone might be wealthy|main

  • Having a bag for every occasion
  • Having the time and money to stay physically fit
  • Paying $40 or more for hand soap
  • Waiting months for custom furniture

What’s cool is that these luxuries are also available to non-wealthy retirees. Take for example staying physically fit. When I was working I didn’t have the time to workout like I should. But now then I’m retired I can work out every day if I want to. And since my Medicare plan lets me have gym access for free, the price is right too.


Caviar is over-rated.

I’ll take a well-seasoned rib eye steak cooked medium rare all day long…


I’m not arguing but are they really subtle signs? They seem like pretty out-front behavior. (Except the staying fit. Anybody can do that at home) Anybody who is seen paying 40 bucks for soap, buying custom furniture, or (I guess it’s for the Ladies) having a bag for every occasion (I am inferring a really nice bag) is probably already known for driving a Beemer or equivalent, living in a fairly swanky crib, and showing other, not-so-subtle, signs of wealth.

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Being well dressed has to be part of it. But then we have billionaires who wear T-shirts and blue jeans.

In business meetings the guy in a golf shirt is often the owner.

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I’m a lady and I don’t understand why anyone would want to use a different for each occasion. I find it is a hassle to transfer content from bag to bag. I used to have summer and winter handbags but decided that’s too much of hassle. So now I carry a neutral colored leather bag that works year round. Also don’t understand logic behind buying expensive designer handbags. My favorite handbag wore out recently and I replaced it on eBay for less than $100.