Recent Put discussion on Charles Schwab (SCHW)

I just read Jim’s 19 Sep 23 post on writing puts on SCHW for approx $1.55. Today, 03 Oct, these are going for $4.20ish. My mind has trouble with understanding writing put as it seems backwards to me. My basic observation is that It seems like I would be better off selling these puts today and I would be say $2.70ish better off than those who sold on 19 Sep. Questions: 1) Is this a correct observation? 2) Would I be taking on more risk today than I would have on 19 Sep? Thanks in advance.


Hi @roymac1,

If you are referring to a post by Jim Mueller in the TMF Options service, this is the Wrong Place to comment/ask questions. You should respond on boards dedicated to that service.

Otherwise, please supply a link to the post so readers know what you are referring to.

Does that help you?

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Thanks for the note. I will look at this further later today. I must admit that I found it difficult to move around the boards and basically find out where I should be posting.
About three years ago, Brian Feroldi did a video(s) about how to use and move around the boards. I have not been able to search for old videos. Can you provide a link to this please?

Thanks, Roy