Reconsideration of Growth Company for This Board

Saul and all,

I am a LONG-time lurker and occasional contributor to this Board. I would contribute LOTS more if my work and family schedule allowed. I just don’t have the time to post more but will at some point in the future. My annual returns have been as impressive an many others here over the last 3-5 years.

Several times during the past year Saul and others stated that discussions of Tesla are off-limits for this board. On 10/24/19 in post #60909 (…) Saul even went so far to say that Tesla is “not a growth company” and that further posts on Tesla will be deleted.

While I understand the belief that emotions are high on both bull and bear sides, to me that is for good reason given the enormous disruption Tesla is causing in numerous industries is is growing revenue and earnings like a weed. Tesla most certainly is DEMAND CONSTRAINED, but addressing it quickly with large new robotic plants and battery factories going on line in China and being built in Germany. And I believe this board, which seeks GROWTH company discussions is missing a MASSIVE opportunity in excluding discussions on the topic. Make no mistake, I really don’t care if Tesla is discussed here, but I care about the people on this Board and sincerely do not want folks to miss such a great and potentially massive investment opportunity.

Yes I know this is a capital intensive company, which I hate, but there is NO denying Tesla’s cost and tech advantages, and it is WAY ahead of the entire world given it planned for tomorrow LONG ago.

The reason I am posting here about this now, and I respectfully urge you and others NOT to delete my post, is because I feel many here have lost (or will lose) enormous returns by dismissing Tesla as a battleground stock without growth attributes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tesla is the envy of the auto industry, and an emerging technology leader (software, AI, self-driving, mobility, more) the likes of which are most certainly changing the world. Tesla’s lead and positioning is growing exponentially every quarter and year with incredible business optionality in energy, software and mobility. Check out the following clear view from Cathie Wood at ArkInvest:…

Cathie Wood called Tesla at a $4,000 target (amid enormous ridicule) when the stock was at $100-$200 per share. Note that Tesla is now at $650/sh including a triple since Q2 19. And as Cathie Wood says, it is very possible TESLA IS JUST GETTING STARTED. She is even more bullish now than ever before. Also please check out Ron Baron’s investment commitment to and perspective on Tesla.…

Shorts are literally losing their shirts.… Famous shorts such as Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn and Jim Chanos (Kynikos Associates) have been proven wrong time and again.… And incumbent ICE manufacturers will go out of business because of their inability to adapt fast enough.

See also recent article from Continental CTO on why EVs are legit revolution:…

I wanted to post here about this because I appreciate and respect this Board immensely and want everyone here to potentially reconsider and benefit from a generational GROWTH stock for the future. I have been invested in Tesla since 2012 @ $30/sh and have not sold a single share, and have no plans to sell. I have put my kids in it, and am actually thinking of buying more despite it being a 15% position (along with AYX, TTD) in my portfolio. Those top 3 stocks are >45% of my current portfolio, the the rest of my concentrated holdings would look very much like yours (OKTA, MDB, DDOG, ESTC) and a few maybe not so much (MELI, UBNT, TLRA, LVGO). I believe in concentrated portfolios of 10-12 stocks. And I believe Tesla will equate to or lead almost all of these stocks in return over the next 5 years.

Please take another closer look @ Tesla and please do not dismiss it given its MASSIVE growth potential. I promise I will not post further on Tesla unless folks want to engage in more discussion hereafter.



Hi Rockleppard

Several times during the past year Saul and others stated that discussions of Tesla are off-limits for this board. On 10/24/19 in post #60909 (…) Saul even went so far to say that Tesla is “not a growth company” and that further posts on Tesla will be deleted.

Please respect the rules of the board.

No more replies on this thread.

Thank you for co-operating.

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Can you expound on your thesis? This may provide some credence to reconsideration. Saul has stated why TSLA doesn’t fit his methodology. Are you able to provide any new info about what the company is doing that may change minds or mitigate some of the risks/business model?

Tesla’s story is unique and ever changing and is much different than it was a year ago. I would be interested to listen to what you have to say and I’m sure others would be as well.



Tylerbowes1 and Rockleppard,

Saul has decided that Tesla is off topic and there should be no further replies to this thread on Saul’s board.

There are lots of other places to discuss Tesla on both the premium and free Fool boards. I would suggest either the New Paradigm Investing free board ( or the Tesla premium board (

Please no more responses to this off topic thread.

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You were specifically asked not to reply to this thread.

Tesla-discussions are OT on this board and it has been stated numerous times.

Please send a PM to the author if you like to discuss Tesla further instead of posting to the board.

Thank you for co-operating.

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