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My portfolio is down over 7% since 4/22, which was a high point for me.
I am probably not the only who is experiencing something similiar.

One of my holdings, the one that is oversized will be reporting today after hours. It has been leading the way down just as it also leads the way up. Should do some more trimming, maybe before today’s close.

ANET report coming tomorrow…I have a 4% position with them. And then comes LGIH on the 10th. I have 11% position with them. Shop is down today, have a 3% position with them.

I am hampered now by some permanent, debilitating physical conditions. I am also old…Wish I could contribute more meaningfully to this board. But I will make more of an effort to become “knowledgable” going forward. Stocks are all we (my family and I) have, so this is serious business for us and has been since 2011. It is also fun, when things go well :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all,

PS My wife (survivor of multiple surgeries ) just returned from a walk with a friend. while on this walk, they encountered, under a bike path overpass , one of the numerous homeless people who live in this city. He had a dog and a shopping cart filled with all his worldly belongings. She stopped to say hello to him but got no response. The man is clearly broken and hopeless…I have past experience working to help those who truly want help, If you are young and able bodied and just don’t want to work, then I have no sympathy…But if you are older and no longer able bodied, then I do have sympathy…suffering is suffering no matter how you got there.
So whats my point? I don’t know, Just thought I would pass this along. We (my wife and I) sometimes need some perspective. And we just got some.


Thank you for your post, Frank.

Unless you need funds pretty soon to pay bills, it likely makes sense to not sell in panic.

I wish you the best in that regard.

As for the remainder of your very poignant post, it certainly makes one stop and think. I wish you and your wife all the best. God bless.


Thanks for that az5speedy

Won’t be selling,

1999 I had just sold my business and was investing in MF tech stocks when the crash came. I kept waiting for it to come back. when it didn’t, in fear and loathing, I sold out.

Didn’t come back to MF until 2011. the memory of 2000 is not gone. Won’t do that again :slight_smile:

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My portfolio is down over 7% since 4/22, which was a high point for me.

What is it doing year-to-date? The market is flat so if you are within striking distance, then you are fine.

One of my holdings, the one that is oversized will be reporting today after hours


TSLA dovgood,
I will get back to you on your other question, For the moment I am out of gas.

No, I have some reserve gas…Looked at it and I am down 4.95% YTD.

Doesn’t sound right It’s a Schwab auto calculation. I think in reality I am down more than this. Later I will do my own calculation. But You are right I can get back whatever I have lost, Through allocation adjustments and because I have some reserve cash to invest.

Hope I can get it right.
Thanks for your questions dovgood


TSLA is up 4% AH…

TSLA is up 4% AH…

…but was down 4% during the regular session today.

What’s the expression, like kissing you sister.

I am hampered now by some permanent, debilitating physical conditions.

I am too, Frank. My sympathies and best wishes to you and your family.


p.s. Getting old sure ain’t for weenies, is it?

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I feel for you, Frank. I have to wonder, though, whether trying to pick individual stocks is a good idea for someone in the circumstances you note. Maybe just put a slug in MUB and another slug in VIG, and leave a little on the side for making bets on individual stocks?

Just a thought from another retiree.


No it ain’t jack :slight_smile:

Hi MisterFungi,

Yeah, I have given some thought to what you are saying. Not quite ready just yet though. Hoping to recover some of the losses from a not so good 2015… If I can get back to a certain ballpark then yes…I am hoping for a decent 2016. Always the uncertainty though when we get down to the shortening time frames.

It’s not like I/we have another 20 yrs of investing ahead of us.
Are you invested in MUB and VIG ?


“like kissing yo sister”
Glad I didn’t make things worse for myself by trimming my position down before the close

Are you invested in MUB and VIG?

Yes. And also a handful of low-cost Vanguard and Schwab index funds and market funds. I also hold a handful of good value stocks.

I trade a few issues for fun and pocket money, but I’m strict about cutting losses and taking profits in them.

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