Reflections: The Thread That Started it All

This is maybe off-topic but in my opinion super relevant/important for investors.

Today I looked back at this absolute gold mine that is Saul’s very fist thread on this board:…

A couple high-level takeaways.

  1. How much Saul has changed and adapted with the market

  2. How much Saul has not changed - sticking to what works and staying confident.

Saul CRUSHED the market averaging 30% + from 1993 - 2007 (or something like that) then was down 68% in 2008 and it took him 3-4 years to get back to his ATH.

As a younger and much less experienced investor than many on this board, I find it so tremendously helpful to review Saul’s oldest posts, learn from his mistakes, and watch him adapt, and continue to crush the market year after year after year.

Thanks Saul for all you do. I know it’s hard and frustrating and time consuming. But you have changed (improved) so many lives.


Agree x 1000 Austin. I don’t have time to pull them together now but I also highly rec tracking his initial response to Zoom through building his conviction/position over time. I think the bottom line here is that money talks. Though some (like me) love to study the people, stories, products, societal implications, etc., and others like to drill down into the tech, the truth is if the numbers meet Saul’s criteria, that’s the closest we get as investors to Objective Truth. And logic dictates if the numbers are meteoric, then the management, tech, moat, integrity, etc. is almost certainly ultra elite as well. Still think necessary to do all the work. But in the best sense of the words: money/growth talks.



I came across this article from Morgan Housel. I found it to be along the lines of this thread.

There is never a time when an investor can discover an investing strategy and be confident it will continue working indefinitely. The world changes, and competitors create their own little twist that exploits and snuffs out your niche. and always keep running.