Retirementdough Portfolio December 2021

Portfolio Update 12/31/21 6PM

It’s been a day over a month since I posted my last portfolio update found here;…

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over time. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

Current Portfolio as of 12/31/21.  
Change since 11/28/21	   	 -20.1%			YTD	-1.8%

VTI Monthly 			  +4.9%   		YTD	+25.8%

I have decided to just benchmark versus the VTI which is Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, which is probably what I would put my money into if I did not want to spend time researching stocks. VTI includes all 3600 stocks traded in market.

Stock	    % Portfolio 	 % Portfolio    % Change 	Market  Monthly Stock 
		Current	           Previous	  Portfolio     Cap (B) Price change  
UPST		  60.0		    52.8	+7.2		12.4B       	-15.8
TCNNF	          40.0		    46.2	-6.2		 4.9B      	 -0.3
CASH		     0		     1.0                      

New positions since last portfolio update: None

Exited positions since last update: None

Trades between 11/28-12/31

Bought: 	UPST		12/17		136.59; 136.55
		UPST		12/14		146.86; 141.25
		UPST		12/13		158.68; 160.01
		UPST		12/02		169.95; 166.73; 164.75

Sold: 		TCNNF	        12/17		24.06; 24.08
		TCNNF	        12/14		23.61; 23.70; 23.78
		TCNNF	        12/13		24.70; 24.79
		TCNNF	        12/02		25.87; 26.01; 26.03; 26.09

Thoughts on trades and companies for the month.

November and December have been tough months for my portfolio. Obviously Upstart got slammed for most of December ending the month at -15.8% lower than it started the month. Trulieve end the month at about even, although it had a -10% drop mid month. I sold more Trulieve in order to purchase more UPST. After my purchase Upstart fell a touch more which coincided with the low in my portfolio for the year on 12/20 at -14.8%.

It was in August that I started to consolidate my portfolio and I was mentally prepared for more volatility and I have been getting it. Oct. 22nd was the high return of 59.9% YTD and Dec. 20th a mere two months later it was at a low of -14.8%. Most of the movement has been in Upstart. Additionally I have been trading a smaller position of my portfolio around the movement in both stocks as discussed in last months post.

Since end of August I have 157% more shares of UPST and 65% of the TCNNF shares. I have accumulated currently 6.5% more value on my investment than if I had not traded between companies since August. I had sold a good bit of UPST in September before its steep fall and been buying it back over the last two months. At the end of Sept. my portfolio was 66% in TCNNF and 34% in UPST, no that has flipped and I have a majority in UPST.

I have added cash to my portfolio in December around ~5% of total value. I believe both of my holdings are a value currently. As for YTD results I obviously am underperforming the overall market by a good bit as the VTI was around 26%. I feel confident in my approach to holding these two stocks. Time will tell and I plan on writing up my results to share to see if my consolidated approach becomes a good or a bad thing. I consider Dec. 31st a snap shot in time, I will give my portfolio until next earnings to determine if changes are needed.

As far as companies performance I am very happy with both Trulieve and Upstart. They communicate clearly with investors and are both building their respective companies. I expect continued growth in 2022. Trulieve is tied to the overall cannabis industry, which depends on government action to allow it to list on a “real” stock exchange. Trulieve may take a little longer to play out due to this fact. However the sales from Harvest Health merger will start to be included next quarter, which I fully expect will make for 100% year over year comparisons on revenue numbers.

Upstart has always told investors its revenues are lumpy. I full expect Upstart to continue to trade wildly after earning reports. I will definitely be evaluating the next quarterly report closely to determine an appropriate percentage for my portfolio.

Upstart UPST
MC 17.1B
TAM 1.4T…

Monthly performance of stock for November was -15.8%

Trulieve TCNNF
MC 4.6B
TAM 62.5B (US)…

Monthly performance of stock for November was -0.3%

YTD return of portfolio for each month 

January  	18.5%
February	20.1%	 	
March		8.5%
April		8.6%
May		4.8%  	 	
June		15.8%
July		8.8%
August		18.8%
Sept 		42.4%			
Oct		40.5%		High of year at 59.9% on Oct. 22nd 
Nov		24.0%
Dec		-1.8%		Low for the year was -14.8% on Dec. 20th

Hope everyone has a health and safe 2022!


Hi Retirementdough,

I am a little confused. On Saul’s board you say your portfolio is:

My portfolio to start the year was:
	1/4/2021	1/4/21	       12/31/21
CRWD	13.6	        200.49	         204.75
TDOC	12.5	        200.63	          91.82
DOCU	11.5	        222.41	         152.31
DDOG	11.0	         91.23	         178.11
ZM	8.6	        359.98	         183.91
TCNNF	6.0	         33.42	          26.01
EXPI	4.1	         30.70	          33.69
GDRX	0.4	         41.65	          32.68
LMND	0.2	        113.36	          42.11
CASH	32.2	             1	              1

and on this board you are saying it is.

Stock	    % Portfolio 	 % Portfolio    % Change 	Market  Monthly Stock 
		Current	           Previous	  Portfolio     Cap (B) Price change  
UPST		  60.0		    52.8	+7.2		12.4B       	-15.8
TCNNF	          40.0		    46.2	-6.2		 4.9B      	 -0.3
CASH		     0		     1.0  

Are you running two different portfolio’s for each board?


Nice ballo0ons, bhiDead!

{BTW, I suspect that portfolios shown @ Saul's are **not** the total holdings of some posters!}

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Nice ballo0ons, bhiDead!

Thanks Sunray, It’s been very profitable being part of the Fool.

{BTW, I suspect that portfolios shown @ Saul’s are not the total holdings of some posters!}

I think you are correct and I wasn’t calling out Retirementdough but I thought he only had two investments, guts of steel, but seeing more investments at Saul’s makes sense.


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. . . only had two investments . . .


Oh yeah, I KNOW binary investing = cash & non-cash



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What you posted above on Saul’s board was my annual portfolio review and it showed my portfolio to start 2021. The first column was the percentage of holding on 1/4/2021, the second column was the price on that date and the last column was price at end of year. I probably was not clear enough but the end of year price was included to show what my returns would have been if I just held all the stocks that I started 2021 with. I like to see what all my “active” investing did/or did not do for my investing during the year.

What I have been posting here is my portfolio. I own just two stocks (although just recently purchased a small amount of a third in early January, as a try out position).


If you knew how much money is invested in two stocks, not only would you say he does have guts of steel…but he is a little bit crazy too :slight_smile:


If you knew how much money is invested in two stocks, not only would you say he does have guts of steel…but he is a little bit crazy too :slight_smile:

LOL I know you know what your are doing Dough and would never judge you. But I will say I like to see what you are up to. Thanks for clearing that up for me.