Reviving LBYM Board

Having been stubborn enough t hang on, it is just different enough that it takes a lot of fiddling, trying this or that to feel semi comfortable… That said, I don’t think there is a way to show read vs unread, or at least that I’ve figured out… Replies show up under your icon, upper right, but not in any particular order…

I have discovered how to Mute individuals and I tend to ‘Dismiss’ threads where they are active as, to me it’s a waste of time… Same with Topics of no interest, they can be individually ‘Dismissed’…

Many new terms, we’ve lost a lot of old members, it feels a bit cramped from what it used to be… But editing, photo posting is better… Tradeoffs…


If you have postings with replies, click on your circle initials on the upper right of your screen. Replies are in the first box. Followed by all the topics you are tracking with likes.

If you click on the Fools hat at the upper left of your screen. You will see a list of all categories with unread postings indicated.

If you click on your circle initials (or photo) at the top of any of your postings you get a full array of data on your postings and their status.


Agreed. It’s really clunky, and I can’t find some of my favorite topics, like Online Banking.

(Yes, I see that you already found it. I figured someone else reading this might want the answer too.)


This new format really sucks. I assume Motley fool is just trying to kill off what little is left of their forums?


Definitely not as user friendly. I’m here less too

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The board was pretty threadbare even before the switcheroo. Wasn’t helped too much by some extraordinary decisions to remove posts…and even whole threads…allegedly for being “off topic”. A bit of a hoot really considering that there were precious few other topics being discussed.

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If people really want to Revive the LBYM Board, the best way is to post about how you are LBYM. Or trying to. Or failing to. Or…