Just plain wrong! We were told in a post by a TMFer, that the closure wouldn’t happen until summer…This is totally not justifiable - I know its their game but this is a helluva way to do it!! Grrrrr


Just goes to show their true colors… people lie! …and words mean things! …or not!


I don’t recall anything but estimates - guesses, if you will - from anyone with TMF standing. And My (often mistaken these days) memory was that the old boards would not disappear from view until summer but could be expected to close before that.

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Including questionable standards. So, how did these (and I suspect others) escape? These are social boards. Preferential treatment?……


Thanks, I’d missed the EV board, may have answered some questions in earlier times… Looking into a hybrid replacement for a Civic, soon…

And where are the HURL refugees?

And where are the HURL refugees?

Not here, obviously! I have no idea...


Purely guessing, but those boards may have been both popular AND peaceful. Peaceful as in little moderation required. Those seemed to be key for non-financial boards being saved. The boards I lost were all quiet. I never joined boards where things got nasty. No question that a lot of good boards were lost, but I’m grateful for the good ones I follow that were saved.

I actually retract my previous post to you. I have a WAHURL thread in the FiW board. (claimed it as my “home” here) You can easily find it…