Russia Retreating from Donbas, Heading South

Note: There’s a blackout of news from Donbas so as to not compromise Ukrainian positions; however, reports are leaking that Russia is pulling troops from the Donbas region due to Ukraine’s new counter-offensive last week. These retreating Russian troops are supposedly heading South to help defend Kherson, where all signals show Russia’s largest buildup in Ukraine.

The Kherson counter-offensive may become the bloodiest battle in this war’s history. If Ukraine wins back Kherson, how much longer can Putin exist in Russia?

UK Spectator’s headline: Ukraine’s Kherson offensive may have already been a success
3 September 2022, 3:00am - Justin Bronk…

The Ukrainian armed forces launched a long-awaited offensive on Kherson this week. However, the counter-offensive was signalled for so long by both Ukrainian and western sources that the Russian army had plenty of time to significantly reinforce its positions there, meaning that the Kherson front is now more heavily manned by Russian troops than most other stretches of the frontline.

Ukrainian government sources have requested a total blackout of media reports from the frontlines so exact details are sparse. But what is clear is that the Russian movement of forces has already had two positive effects for Ukraine, even before the actual counter-offensive operation was launched.

The first has been to further reduce the Russian army’s capacity to conduct large-scale offensive operations against Ukrainian positions in the Donbas by diverting already depleted and overstretched units, artillery and other things like electronic warfare equipment and air defences down south to defend Kherson. In other words, signalling a southern counter-offensive has forced the Russian army’s limited mobile reserve forces to be deployed to a largely defensive position ahead of the Ukrainian offensive. This has handed Ukraine the initiative for arguably the first time since the invasion began in February, although tactical-level Russian offensive activity continues in the Avdiivka and Bakhmut areas of the southern Donbas with some local success.

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