"S-Man" - update/etc.

Yes…another “S-Man” update. I’m obsessed with the movie…and I haven’t even seen it.

Just wanted to mention that, according to Deadline, it is believed that the film stands a great chance of beating “Avatar” domestically. In fact, the article I read said it would happen in the next week. And here’s an interesting tidbit to me…the estimate for this Valentine’s weekend is $7 million. Maybe it’s just me, but for a film that seems so frontloaded, $7 million at this point appears strong. Hopefully there will be one last hurrah of strength next weekend for the Presidents’ holiday.

I just noticed something as well. Coming in at number ten for the box-office chart is Disney’s “Beatles Rooftop” concert. If I recall, the origin story on this one is that it is the actual concert footage strung together from the D+ Beatles documentary. They took it and put it into film format for theaters. Obviously it hasn’t generated a lot of revenue…just under a million after a few weekends. I wonder what that means for an ROI, even if it is small. After paying talent/song licensing, does DIS make $50,000, just to throw a number out there? I was thinking that if little releases like this could be mined from D+ product, a whole line of them, would it be a worthwhile long-tail business? This almost seems like an experiment of some sort, if not for what I implied. (And I should say, I don’t know who really owns this documentary; DIS could just be acting as distributor here and nothing else) Thinking about it, there might be not much money in it…maybe it’s just promotional in nature in terms of value…

Also, to finish up…“Death/Nile” is out from Fox. About $12 million I believe for the weekend. Hopefully this gets sent to Hulu soon…

The Roof Top Concert is opening soon in IMAX and my wife and I are waiting until then to see the film. Our Imax theater has much better sound and seating than the regular screens.