Sabine Hossenfelder on Nuclear Waste

This is a topic to which I never paid much attention but it is interesting enough to watch while having breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning. Sabine uses humor to make some points but being German humor it’s not funny. :frowning:

Making uTube videos is another way to make a living in retirement. I’m posting this after updating my Friday covered call trades, my way to make a living in retirement.

Nuclear waste is not the problem you’ve been made to believe it is

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I don’t like the terms “hack” or “life hack.” Instead if prefer the term “elegant solution.”

One elegant solution I’ve found is that anytime someone says “You’ve been made to believe” something I know immediately they are not a serious actor and can safely be ignored.

Any comment on what she actually said?, an elegant alternative to the worn out ‘messenger’ cliché.

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I have a quandary about the punctuation of the above sentence. Where does the question mark go and can it be followed by a comma? Should it be two separate sentences in which case how does one connect them semantically?

Maybe turning them around would be best, “An elegant alternative to using the worn out ‘messenger’ cliché’ might be commenting on what she actually said.” This would convert a rhetorical question into an alternative, into a more neutral suggestion.

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No comma after a question mark. You can link the two halves without a comma:
“Any comment on what she actually said as an ‘elegant alternative’ to the worn out messenger cliche?”

Or as two sentences with two question marks:
“Any comment on what she actually said? Did she have an ‘elegant alternative’ to the worn out messenger cliche?”



as1 | az, əz |
adverb (usually as — as)
used in comparisons to refer to the extent or degree of something: go as fast as you can | it tasted like grape juice but not as sweet | hailstones as big as tennis balls.

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