Wendy Would You Do Us The Honor


We can set up a thread in the new system under community. Would you take the honors in starting that thread?

Awaiting the switch over.


I just did…but it posted on this (old) board.

Leap, I think I misunderstood. I will have to wait until Saturday to post in the new system, right?

Wendy (slightly confused)

We have to wait and see.

I just think you need to be the central character that sets it up so we are not going in a few directions.

There will be a specific METAR category on the new platform - Wendy shouldn’t really have to set up anything. (although she can certainly make a welcome announcement)




Thanks for the word. We all have our concerns about carrying on.


I understand, change basically sucks…I was right there where you are last October when I first saw the new platform. But it didn’t take long before I was moving around there as fast as we move around here.

Naturally, I’ve seen what’s coming on Friday for this board - it’ll be pretty easy to get to it from the main page. The biggest change is that the new system is really inherently threaded. So you don’t see a list of all the replies like you see here, you just see the main topic and a count of the replies (plus icons for who’s replied). It’s actually a lot cleaner but it takes some time to adapt. And it’s much easier to ignore threads you don’t want to read.


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Why start a new thread when METAR will be ported over at the end of the week?


I have held my tongue. I am often a minority of one in a crowd of black sheep who pretend other wise.

I like the speed of the new boards. That is a huge plus to me.

I look forward to the new tools.