Samsung Android issues

Got a couple of nagging issues on my phone.

One is that I periodically get voicemails even though the phone is in my pocket all day long. At one point I thought this might be that the phone was paired with Bluetooth earphones upstairs from my office, so I didn’t hear the ring, but I have been leaving it unpaired and it still happens occasionally.

Yesterday I got one from a number far away that I don’t recognize. Thus far, if I then listen to it completely I get a chance to delete it. Annoying, since I can often tell from the first few moments that I don’t want it … e.g., it is in Chinese. With the latest one, though, if I select it, it proceeds to dial the number. Clearly, I don’t want that. How else do I get rid of it.

Also, I would like to rearrange the icons on my home screens, but seem to have forgotten how to do that.

On Verizon I hit 7 for delete and it deletes the message. You can hit the delete option anytime during the message. So when it starts telling me the telephone number I just hit 7.

Press on the icon and move it to wherever on the screen you would like.


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It didn’t occur to me to use the menu options before they were presented. Seems to work. Hope I remember …

I thought moving the icons was something like that, but it didn’t seem to be working. Turns out it does work, but one has to be patient enough for it to cycle to that mode.


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