Android Device Manager

I have a Samsung S21 Ultra Android and I recently got a message in the pull down from Device Manager that it had installed 8 new apps. I did not want these apps and promptly uninstalled them, but the message about adding them is still in the pull down and nothing I have tried will make it go away.

Also, how do I keep it from doing this without asking? I don’t see any settings for this. All the apps were for things I don’t use.

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Unfortunately, Android is extremely secure with a misunderstanding about who owns the device locked in.

The last two versions have rendered my tablet almost useless to me, because I need two different and unrelated programs to work with the same files, but Android says NO! This space belongs to this program, and no other program is allowed to touch it!

(Also makes it impossible to generically back up all your settings for transfer to another device. You have to go into EACH app you use and back up its settings - IF it has an option to do that - and then on the new device go into EACH app and restore the settings from backup.)

All the apps were for things I don’t use.

Had you not said you were using an Android I would have mentioned Apple’s iPhone is notorious for doing this all the time. Apple also loves to rearrange your apps so you can’t find anything.

Don’t have an answer for problem just wishing you good luck.

No real need to know where they are on an iPhone, other than personal gatherings, folders. If I can’t find it, generally on DW’s iPhone, I just ask Siri to Open it/// Olden days, iTunes was the App manager, sadly that went away, they do need to create a separate App manager…