Saul's Returns Analysis

Hi there,

Firstly thank you to Saul and the community here, I’m English, live in London but learning and discovering the joys of US growth investing.

I have a portfolio of 20 stocks but trying to build up the confidence/analysis to justify moving down to a 6-8 Saul stock strategy with a view to increasing those annual returns.

After looking at the knowledge base for Saul’s annual returns, I was wondering if the years beyond the below are available to be shared?


2011: (-14.5%)

2012: 23.0%

2013: 51.0%

2014: (-9.8%)

2015: 16.0%

I also noticed this comment

"I can no longer put all my money in a half dozen little stocks, or get in and out of a stock position on a dime as I could when my portfolio was a tiny fraction of the size it is now. I just can’t be as nimble as I was and I’ll be very happy now if I can average 22% growth per year instead of 32%. "

Is this now outdated as per Saul’s current November 2019 portfolio of 9 stocks?

Thank you Saul and all the active contributors to this hidden gem of a board!


Jeremy -

Welcome. When you open any message, there are several links located to the right which will bring you up to speed on the board. Saul’s returns for the years you mention can be found in his past write ups under the Additional Info link here:….

(Spoiler alert: They’re pretty darn good.)


ah many thanks!

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