Science Fiction cars

My husbands new Highlander is scary smart at times. We had a black ice warning here yesterday and today. He got in the car this morning and when he turned it on it spoke. “I see the roads are slippery where you are. I will turn on four wheel drive for you.”

It’s like a science fiction movie from the 60s. Only real. He called me up laughing.

Last time I let the gas get too low in my 2016 Camry the GPS turned itself on and tried to guide me to the nearest gas station…

Let us help you, silly humans.


Much better than cruising down the highway and finding you forgot to fill the gas tank. Or you didn’t notice black ice was surrounding you.

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In our nursery school carpool back around 1979, one mom had a new car that also spoke. The wee ones laughed uproariously when it said, “A door is ajar!” Coz a door is not a jar, silly :wink:

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My husband is an engineer. We kept our previous 2006 Honda minivan for 16 years/265,000 miles. No cameras, no maps, no sensors, no voices…but he went from that old beast to this rolling AI computer laden high end heated leather seats and steering wheel every possible option gadget mobile.

And a year later it’s still doing odd surprising things like this. Last time we drove out of state it popped up a picture of our city when we crossed the border of our state and welcomed us back.

He’s in love.

This sort of thing is the latest version of mostly auto manufacturer liability fear, and partially protecting their customers from themselves. If the customers like it, that is just a convenient coincidence.

If I wanted to be protected from myself, I would not drive.


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