Can't have nice things, I guess

A few weeks ago a nitwit that probably shouldn’t have a license backed into my van. Messed up a rear door and the bumper pretty good, but managed to avoid the exterior body shell. Did bend things a bit under the car, though.

Anyway, I got the car back from the body shop almost two weeks ago. They did a great job - everything looks like new. They even fixed a few very minor bumps in the unaffected door. Those doors probably look better than new.

Or looked better than new.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a stop light, in the middle of a long line of cars. Heard a loud bang at the rear of the van. I immediately looked in the rear view mirror and the car behind me was not terribly close. I didn’t get hit. And the van didn’t move like it got hit. I thought maybe a smaller branch fell off the trees next to the road and hit the roof.

Anyway, I get home and start looking. Right there in the middle of the brand new and freshly painted door is a chip the size of a quarter. Plus a couple of other smaller ones as well. I still have no idea what happened. I didn’t notice any pedestrians jay walking behind the car who might have hit it. The best I can guess is some piece of road debris from an adjoining lane that came over and hit me.

It’s really annoying, but what can you do? This stuff happens. I just wish things would stop hitting my car when it’s standing still.

I may swing by the shop that did the repairs and see what they say about dealing with it. But I’ll probably just get a bit of touch up paint and dab a bit on. This van is a known rust bucket if you let any paint problems go unfixed. So I need to do something. I’ve managed to avoid the big rust issues so far, with one exception on the roof.


Tripping out to the coast a while back, a big motorhome passing pretty close going the other way, big BANG, I at first thought our mirrors hit, but when I got to where we were going, I can not find any damage anywhere, so all I can guess is a thown up rock, but so far can’t find whee it hit… I’ve had rocks hit/crack my windshield, but I don’t see anything there either… Mysteries…

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