Sedg- giving up it's gains

SEDG is giving a significant amount of it’s gains from yesterday. Is this stock just destined to be punish by the sector regardless of it’s performance? Seems like moving on to something else time.

-Bob 5% SEDG

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Seems like moving on to something else time.

Wow, that’s some short term thinking! If a good earnings release doesn’t cause a pop in the stock, you sell? Good luck to you, but I sure can’t make any money that way, too much like gambling, betting on whether the stock is going up or down in the short term, and I’m definitely not good at that! I’m a more traditional MF investor in that I hold more stocks of good companies for a longer term. I also will invest more if the company performance continues to be good regardless of what the stock price does.

What about the company made you take a 5% position (that’s a relatively large position in my book)? Was it your own determination or did you take it because Saul has a position? Has whatever that was, changed? If so, I understand your wanting to sell, but if the only thing that has changed is the price is dropping after popping significantly yesterday, then maybe you should reconsider, or maybe you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

Stocks can be volatile, especially some of those discussed on this board. To me, a valid reason for wanting out of this stock might be the change in the Solar City dynamic with respect to SEDG. But again, only you can determine if that means anything significant to you.

I only have a very small starter position in SEDG, just enough to keep me watching it, but I’ll hold for now, and possibly add in the future.


Is this stock just destined to be punish by the sector regardless of it’s performance? Seems like moving on to something else time.

If the stock is getting punished but the company itself is performing well, isn’t that a good reason to hold on (or even add)? Isn’t that what were all on the lookout for? Well performing companies that the market is currently undervaluing.


Foodles- Nice response, no need to be a jerk about this. If we can be a bit more civilized, I’d like to explain my thinking.

I like SEDG- strong earnings and rev growth, good technology. But…

… my “ponderings”, for consideration of this board, is based on my belief that Oil is not going to recover anytime soon (unlikely within 3 years) with the Russia and the Sauds and Iran full speed ahead pumping and US/world-wide fracking making gains.

If the solar stock stock bucket continues to be dominated (not just this earnings report, but going 2 or 3 back) by “Oil Down = Solar Down” thinking, then might not SEDG languish for 2+ years?

Consider also the effect of the diminishing government solar initiatives too.

I’m starting to wonder if continued strong earnings can overcome this phenomenon.

As Saul always says, plenty of other fish in the sea.

I merely wanted to get some input on these competing forces, not be called out like that. Have some manners.



I believe the point that Foodles was trying to make was exactly what you alluded to in your last post - something in your investing thesis should have changed to cause you to sell as opposed to reacting to price action.

Sure, he could have probably worded it better. Had you laid out your thinking about the oil / solar relationship in your first post, I’m guessing the response would have been different.



I’m sort of with rhpolk…

Good earnings AMC, then next stock pops…then…people selloff bigtime to claim profits maybe…then next day it’s dropped like a hot potato.
Used and abused.

Plus, big oil is using all it’s might to squash solar; it will be that way for awhile.

Thinking out cashing out at a small profit myself.

no need to be a jerk…be a bit more civilized…have some manners

Wow, rhpolk, I wasn’t trying to be any of the above things you accuse me of, was just answering what you posted, sorry you took it the wrong way (or maybe I wrote it the wrong way, since someone else said I could have worded it better, too).

Gotta admit, your reply took me by surprise, I don’t post much, but I’ve never been called a jerk before on the boards. I would almost call that uncivilized and manner-less. :wink:


Personally, I think today was a small retraction from the bounce, just a few folks taking profits. I am not a chart expert by any means, but it is only slightly higher than average volume.

The stock does seem to have some negative market feelings, but I think thats temporary. Even in a ‘down oil/solar’ market, their sales/earnings/rev. growth are pretty good. Tells me management knows what they are doing too.

I took a small position a couple months ago at $28, was scared out at $17~, but with the earnings report this week I jumped in with a larger chunk.

Past performance doesn’t guarantee future profits, but high steady growth is fun to invest with. In my opinion, their earnings report was fantastic, 71% revenue increase YoY and 16.8% QoQ and 157% Adj EPS YoY and 16% QoQ. .10 1YPEG and TTM P/E of 21 with a current market P/E of 40~. That is some well priced steady accelerating growth right there.

If you look at the 1YPEG chart,, you can see the evidence in a easy to understand graph.

I had a bit of cash sitting around, looked an INFN, LGIH, SKX, and a couple other this board follows and decided to put it in SEDG.

I could be completely wrong about everything I just posted, and am still working so I can play a little loose and fast with my portfolio.


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no need to be a jerk…be a bit more civilized…have some manners

Hey rhpolk, I just re-read my original reply to you, and it did have a smarta-- undertone, I apologize for that, will try to eliminate that in the future.


I think it was just giving back some of the 30% rip yesterday.
I like the company, but solar is a tough space right now, especially with oil falling. If dollar keeps strengthening, it won’t help that case either.

If anything in solar, probably FSLR attracts the most money being best in breed in a hated segment at the moment, but SEDG is interesting and innovative, and will probably have a bit of a tough time in the near future, but overall should do well so long as it doesn’t give back that earnings gap and continue lower, but at this point it shouldn’t. At some point the market will rotate to back to the higher risk names and this is a good one IMO

As Will Rogers said… Buy some good stock. Hold it till it goes up…and then sell it. If it doesn’t go up, don’t buy it!

Simples really.

foodles- thanks and no worries. I didn’t explain my position, it just sounded whining.

If you look at the 1YPEG chart,, you can see the evidence in a easy to understand graph

Wow, that is a nifty little web site, did you create it? Does it meet “Saul Standards” in the way the numbers are calculated and added to the list? Can any yahoo add a number?



It’s Neil’s (nevercontent) website. I’m pretty sure anyone can add numbers but can’t remember for sure. Try it and let us know!

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