Semi-OT: Hamas branches out

The Hamas operatives were under orders to bring a cache of weapons from an undisclosed location in Europe to Berlin to attack Jewish institutions, German prosecutors said…

The suspects were allegedly planning attacks across Europe, officials said, without giving further details. Israeli officials have suggested all the arrests were linked to a single, cross-border European terror plot…

A CST spokesman said: “Historically, Hamas has never shown interest in carrying out terrorist attacks outside of Israel. There have been one or two plots over the years linked to them but nothing on a significant scale.”



Hamas is showing Europe its true colors.

Not one finger has been lifted to take Palestinians from Gaza into Europe.

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But we do have Pallestineans demonstrating many places. Do they have Hamas connections? Or merely concerns for Gaznians?

Everywhere Palestinians have immigrated to they have caused civil wars, terrorism, suicide bombers, unrest, and disrupted multiethnic discourse and civility. This has been true in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.
Israel is doing the world a favor.


You forgot to include Jordan!

Jordan Civil War

The Captain


Yes, and Jordan is a big oversight in the many conflicts the Palestinians have started. Palestinians are not allowed in Jordan. The argument That Israel is holding Gaza hostage In fact, the whole world holds palestinians in Gaza hostage because of their terrorist history…
Israel allows Palestinians to work in Israel as long as they don’t have a criminal background nor an association with terrorist groups, that is not true of any Muslim country in the Middle East.

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About 2.2 million Palestinians live in Jordan. In fact, Jordan has more Palestinians living in it than either Gaza or the West Bank. Most Palestinians living in Jordan, even as refugees, have either Jordanian citizenship or status roughly equivalent to such citizenship, and are perfectly free to move around within the country.


Sorry, I was referring to Palestinians in Gaza. I should have made that clear. Palestinians with Jordanian passports can move freely throughout most of the Middle East. Today, most Palestinians and their descendants in Jordan are fully naturalized

In 1993 The Jordanian government began to prohibit Gaza residents from entering Jordan in an effort to reduce the Palestinian population in Jordan.

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There are no “Palestinians”. There are Syrian tribesmen.

To say this country or that country would or is Palestinian is to deny Arabic the language even matters.

We would have to know which tribe is in Gaza to figure out if some of them are in Jordan. We’d need to know in what numbers in Jordan for the Jordans to still feel comfortable.

There are Syrian tribesmen in Israel and the territories, in Jordan, in Lebanon, and in Syria where all of them across all of these nations originate.

Let’s stop the entire problem and just have one Israeli state with a lot fewer Syrian tribesmen fighting for a Greater Syria.

When one tribe has a hard time it does not mean other tribes care.

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Major counter-terror operations across Europe after intelligence revealed plan for mass attacks on Christian landmarks
Armed police guard cathedrals in Cologne and Vienna, and sniffer dogs have been deployed to root out explosives ahead of Christmas church services.

A major counter-terror operation took place in the German city of Cologne on Saturday after security services in Austria, Germany and Spain received intelligence of an Islamist terrorist cell’s plans to carry out several attacks across Europe over the Christmas period.



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These can be called terrorists if it helps you delineate the bad guys.

The Syrians feel they want it all. These guys are at war.

Yes, it is a minority of Syrians. The majority would like to see the victories.

Our majority in the West feels good about victories as well.

We are seen to be living with evil. We see them as living with ignorance—the same difference until we get into the distinction of democratic republics. We should not and can not give way regardless of anything to dictatorships. But the indoctrination of dictatorships needs our rejection. The US and others are scapegoated to maintain the powerstructures.


France’s Domestic Intelligence Chief Celine Berthon said Friday there will be increased security measures nationwide, including the deployment of 90,000 police officers, on New Year’s Eve…

France has been on high alert for days after a number of thwarted ISIS plots targeting Europe…Police already have made a number of arrests in France, Spain, Austria and Germany during the Christmas period, and five people were apprehended last week in northern France as part of an investigation into a terrorist plot. The heightened state of security in France comes as German police are planning one of their largest security operations in Berlin.


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