Setup Second email Address in Outlook

I use Outlook and have my Earthlink email address assigned to Outlook. I subscribe to various newsgroups and use Outlooks rules to route these newsgroups to unique folders for reading. I’ve been having problems with one of the news feeds because Earthlink thinks the feeding domain is SPAM and periodically decides I don’t need that feed.

Anyway as a work-around I have a Yahoo account that I never use but Yahoo let me re-establish the account I setup probably 20-25 years ago. The Yahoo account is working fine. The testing I’ve done with others shows there is mail coming through. I have been trying to set up the Yahoo account on Outlook so that I will have two email accounts and use the Yahoo account to circumvent Earthlink’s games (SPAM). I have tried 43 times to set up the Yahoo account in Outlook and can’t get it to work. I finally went into chat mode with Outlook Support and they gave me all these instructions that would take a rocket scientist to figure out. It have something to do with Yahoo going to two facture authentication a couple of years ago. They want you to download all these apps and copy and past passwords and all this cr*p. Grrrr!!!

Has anyone gone down this path before with Outlook and a second email address? Is there an easier way for a 79 year old to accomplish this?



Does Earthlink have a method to adjust SPAM rules? I used them in the last century and I thought there was a White and Black list type system.

At this point I’m kinda gun shy of Earthlink. I kept getting inundated with SPAM and they have this email address “” that you can send the SPAM to and they will take care of it. Ha, ha, ha. What a joke. After sending untold amounts of SPAM to them I find out you not only have to send the SPAM email but also the header of the SPAM which takes some doing. It seems their way of blocking SPAM is to block the domain that it’s coming from. In doing the domain block thing they inadvertently blocked one of my newsgroup feeds. I figured I better keep them out of the loop and see if I can attack this a different way hence the Yahoo email address and a whole new basket of problems.

That kind of thing in my view will not work. But for the problem you mentioned, Earthlink classifying one of your Newsgroup feeds as SPAM should be solved at this location if you set up that troublesome feed as a “WhiteList” item.

Sending stuff to ‘thisIsSpam’@earthlink undoubtedly feeds into a system for all of the emails they have.

If you want an alternative that requires changing your email address, use the Apple email and get a copy of SpamSieve - an amazing piece of software. I have tried a lot of things over the years including my own domain - this. system works the best.

Anybody with an AppleID can use the Apple mail system. But SpamSieve is software and there is not a Windows version.

I guess that’s a play on words i.e.: earthnet vs. earthlink.

Not really – just another of the many errors I make. But I am glad I could make you smile.