SF going to Texas

San Francisco no longer has its ban on doing business in Texas. The city also has a shortage of police officers. So…

The recruitment push comes as SFPD faces staffing issues, leading the department to pay out millions in overtime annually.


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Generally Texas had been recruiting from elsewhere.

Your Texas expanding narrative is under pressure. What next will grandma go to CA for a job? Get her out of the home?

I think a police officer candidate would be desperate to think SF is a good idea.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

California’s benefits are very good.

People love Cali. People love SF.

Houston? Not at all. Dallas is okay. Austin is better. San Antonio is good. But none of them are great. Cities in Cali are much better. LA the freeways suck but otherwise…

Besides if you had to compare the longevity of living in SF to Houston with all that oil pollution in the air from refineries? Houston is a horror show.

Then there is just basic honesty. Some people hate dishonesty. Got to give them a lot of credit.

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Yup, including Detroit. Detroit PD trains new officers all the time, but they soon bolt to the burbs for better pay and working conditions, or they are recruited by departments in other states. Thank the pay and benefit cuts from the bankruptcy.


There are about 50 TX popo available.


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