Shipping broker report ending 02/05/2024

Carriers seem to release their report on either Mon or Tues.
Highlights this week include

  • 28 dry bulk vessels traded, including one enbloc trade involving two vessels.
  • Some outliers, but generally most vessels in the 11 - 15 yo range, or vessels that are between 2nd and 3rd dry-dock.
  • 8 tanker sales of various vessel categories
  • Impressed with the price secured by the 2nd oldest vessel - $22.50M for a 16-17 yo MR2 vessel
  • Slower newbuild activity with 5 vessels, plus an option
  • Known sellers include Golden Ocean, Navios, Frontline, and I think, Starbulk. - On the newbuild side, Dorian’s order appears to be a 1 + 1
  • Other than Capes, bulker rates slipped this past week.
  • Although conventional tanker rates slipped, across the board, the rates are very profitable.